Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1675

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1675 – Do Not Have To Apologize Lucian fell silent for a few moments before saying to them, “Your mommy is busy, but she should be back by tomorrow. We’ll call you when we arrive at the airport.”

The kids were worried, as Roxanne had been out of reach for the past few days. However, after Lucian made the promise that they would be returning the next day, the kids relaxed and said, “Okay. Daddy, you must take good care of Mommy!”

Lucian grunted in acknowledgment. “Give your watch to Ms. Catalina. I need to have a word with her.” He heard a rustling sound before Catalina’s voice rang out. “Mr. Lucian.”

“How are the children? Did anything unusual happen?” Lucian asked. Catalina glanced at the children on the couch, taking in their wide, expectant eyes.

She recalled the past two days’ events and replied, “No. Mr. Archie, Mr. Benny, and Ms. Estella were all very well- behaved.”

Then, remembering something, she added, “I believe Mr. Archie and Mr. Benny had a phone conversation with their friend overseas, but I’m not sure what they discussed.”

Lucian pondered over her words for a few moments and confirmed the kids didn’t suspect anything. “All right. Please do your best to look after them.

Thank you for your dedication.” “Of course. You and Mrs. Farwell take care, too.” After the call ended, Lucian gazed at Roxanne and reached out to caress her pale cheek.

“Did you hear that, Roxanne? The kids are waiting for you to go home. You’ll wake up soon, right?”

Roxanne remained motionless, her breathing so light and shallow that it was almost imperceptible. Lucian’s fists balled up as he seemed to be struggling to make up his mind.

Madilyn stepped into the ward, her eyes swollen and red from the tears she had shed. Her voice was still unsteady as she asked, “Do the kids know?”

Lucian shook his head. “No. I’ve asked Catalina, and they have yet to suspect anything as long as Roxanne contacts them before tomorrow night.”

Tomorrow night? Madilyn’s heart clenched as she started dreading tomorrow. It was already the second day, so if they still couldn’t figure out anything by tomorrow morning, they would have no choice but to agree to Jack’s condition.

Madilyn dreaded the thought of Roxanne’s response when the latter eventually regained consciousness, as well as the children’s reaction.

Before returning to the country, Archie and Benny held a strong prejudice against Lucian. It took Lucian a long time to change their minds about him.

If the children discovered he married another woman when Roxanne was severely ill, they would most probably hate him for the rest of his life.

Madilyn felt a heavy burden of guilt settle in her heart as the thought crossed her mind. “I’m sorry,” she muttered, her gaze fixed firmly on the ground.

Lucian’s brows furrowed slightly, as he had no idea why she would suddenly apologize to him.

Feeling heavy-hearted, Madilyn explained, “Because of what happened six years ago, I was biased against you and assumed you were a b*stard.

I even told Roxanne to stay away from you. I had no idea you’d do this for her.” Lucian’s gaze turned dark. “You don’t have to apologize to me.

It was my fault six years ago. I will make it up to her now.” Six years ago, I wronged Roxanne. Little did I know that I would be making the same mistake again six years later.

If I had been more aware of my emotions and acted on them when I was younger, or if I hod taken it upon myself to set her free when we bumped into each other again after so many years, she would not hove had to go through so much…

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