Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1674

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1674 – Business Trip The doctors spent a long time working inside the ward.

Their faces were pale when they exited the room. None of them dared to meet Lucian’s eyes when they reached the doorway.

“How is it?” Lucian asked after Madilyn came to a halt beside him. Madilyn seemed absorbed in her thoughts. She was slightly dazed for a few seconds before regaining her senses upon hearing his voice. A grimace spread across her countenance. “Roxanne…”

Although the doctors had been trying various methods to soften her blood vessels, the effects were negligible. Roxanne was not looking well at that moment.

Madilyn had no choice but to repeatedly cheer herself and Roxanne up inwardly, convincing herself to believe Roxanne would survive.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t tell those things to Lucian. Judging by his ashen face, Madilyn reckoned Lucian had stayed up all night again, even though he
mentioned he would take a nap. She hesitated to speak.

Lucian gazed at her intently and uttered firmly, “That’s all right. I won’t let anything bad happen to her.”

With that, he turned to look at Roxanne, who was lying inside the ward. Madilyn fathomed his intention after taking in his facial expression.

She opened her mouth but couldn’t bring herself to persuade him otherwise. Between Roxanne’s survival and her love life, Madilyn would undoubtedly choose the former.

Madilyn and Lucian entered the ward one after the other. Looking at Roxanne, whose eyes were tightly shut, they felt utterly depressed.

Suddenly, Roxanne’s phone rang. Madilyn glanced at the device and saw Benny’s name on the caller ID.

Her heart ached when she saw the incoming call, and tears brimmed in her eyes uncontrollably. She couldn’t bring herself to reach out and answer the call.

Just when she thought of letting the call disconnect on its own, someone stretched out their hand to pick up the phone.

That person was Lucian. A look of confusion flashed across Madilyn’s face when she saw him answering the call. She wondered how he planned to explain the current circumstances to the children. “Mommy!”

The kids’ gleeful voices sounded from the other end of the call. They had been dialing Roxanne’s number consecutively for two to three days, but she didn’t answer their calls.

They were thrilled because she finally picked up their call that day. Lucian gulped when he heard the kids’ delightful tone. Even his eyes became slightly reddened.

Still, he lowered his head and recomposed himself before saying calmly, “It’s me. Your mommy is still occupied with work.”

Hearing his voice, the kids exchanged glances in puzzlement. “Daddy? Isn’t Mommy on a business trip? Is she back?”

Otherwise, why would Daddy be using Mommy’s phone? Lucian silently cleared his throat and said, “She’s not back yet. I traveled here to meet with your mommy.

She encountered some problems at work and required my assistance.” The children were dissatisfied upon hearing that.

“We want to meet with Mommy too!” “You can’t come here. The living environment here is very harsh. Your mommy and I fear you won’t get used to the conditions here. If you were to get sick, your mommy wouldn’t have time to care for you all.”

Naturally, the kids didn’t want to add to Roxanne’s trouble, so they could only acquiesce to Lucian’s decision. “All right.

Can you pass the phone to Mommy, then?” Because of the lingering quietness in the ward, the children’s voices, originating from the phone speaker,

clearly reverberated beside Madilyn’s ears. Hearing their words and glancing at Roxanne, who was lying on the bed, Madilyn couldn’t stop her tears
from streaming down her cheeks.

She covered her mouth and hastily exited the room to prevent the kids from hearing her sobs.

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