Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1671

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1671 – Did I Hear Him Right Lucian stood before him. “Are you remorseful for what you’ve done?”

he asked in a low voice. Colby smiled bitterly. “What difference does that make? I will never forgive myself for nearly causing Dr. Jarvis’ death over my selfishness.”

He looked up at Lucian and spoke with a tone filled with hatred and disgust for himself. “People are insatiable creatures.

Initially, I was happy just working with her. Then, I wanted to be as close as possible to her, so I became her assistant.

Not long after that, I wanted her to look at me like how she looks at you. My desire grew as the days passed. I don’t even know what I was doing.”

Lucian studied him, trying to discern the sincerity in his words. Colby sighed. “Now that I look back on the two mistakes I’ve made, regardless of whether it was starting the fire or sabotaging the laboratory, the slightest lapse in vigilance could have caused a major catastrophe.

Aside from Dr. Jarvis, the other researchers in the research institute might have lost their lives by my hand. I deserve to be where I am for my crimes.”

Having confessed his feelings to Roxanne on the day of his arrest, he finally understood that when he was escorted into the police car.

However, it was too late for contrition. Because of that, Colby had never considered submitting an appeal to overturn his conviction.

Instead, he wished to serve his sentence to alleviate the guilt within him. “What do you plan to do after you get out?” Lucian asked unexpectedly.

Colby was stunned. He seemed to have never considered the matter. He lowered his gaze for several seconds before answering, “Maybe I’ll become a traveling doctor, as my chances of employment at a research institute or hospital are uncertain.

As long as people believe in me, I will provide free medical treatment to compensate for what I’ve done.”

After observing him for a while, Lucian gathered enough to ascertain every word of his rang true. “What about Roxanne?” he asked.

You still owe her an apology.” Colby’s eyes flashed with guilt. “I will apologize to her. She is still the best doctor I’ve ever known.”

Lucian nodded meaningfully at that. Colby frowned, puzzled. “You don’t believe me?”

“I do, which is why I want to make you an offer on Roxanne’s behalf to have you come back to the research institute after you get out.”

Colby’s eyes widened with disbelief. “W-What did you say?” After all the awful things I’ve done, Lucian still wants me to work alongside Roxanne.

Did I hear him right? What could have possessed him to do so? “I would like you to return to work at the research institute after your sentence ends,” Lucian repeated calmly.

“As you said, you are the longest-serving assistant of Roxanne’s. Though you have done wrong, you have made amends in time, showing me you have truly repented. You’re welcome to work alongside Roxanne again after your release.”

Colby still had not regained his composure. Suddenly, Lucian changed the subject as his expression grew stern.

“However, you will be under my supervision. I guarantee you will be thousands of times worse off if you get any ideas.”

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