Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1672

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1672 – Not Slept In Two Days Colby took a long time to gather himself before nodding slowly, still stupefied with disbelief.

Lucian retracted his gaze. “I want to thank you for your words earlier. I won’t give in, and Roxanne will get better.”

Colby felt a sudden sense of relief at those words. “She will. I hope you’ll let me know when you get married so I can wish you well.”

Lucian inclined his head. The men exchanged a final glance in silence. Colby watched Lucian leave before allowing himself to be escorted back to his cell.

With his mind buzzing with Colby’s words as he emerged from the facility, Lucian gradually regained his calm.

I have done everything I can. From here, it’s only waiting and hoping. Either the doctors will think of something before the deadline, or I will have to give in to Jack. Before then, the only thing I can do is with Roxanne.

Spurred by that thought, he stepped on the gas and sped toward the hospital. It was dusk when he arrived.

Lucian had Cayden pick up dinner for the medical specialists at the hospital. They dined on the large table in the conference room.

Still uneasy, Madilyn remained by Roxanne’s bed. She stood up upon his arrival. “How did it go? Did you discover anything?”

Lucian shook his head, but his expression did not look as pale as when he had left. There was even a glimmer of optimism in his eyes.

“Nothing yet, but I believe no harm will come to Roxanne.” After speaking, he observed Madilyn’s expression.

Being fraught with worry for two days straight did Madilyn’s pallor no good. Her eyes and brow were lined with fatigue.

“Go get some rest,” Lucian said. “I had Cayden book some rooms in the hotel next door. Everybody needs a good night’s rest.”

Madilyn glanced at Roxanne, her brows furrowing. “I’m worried about her. Besides, I rested the night before. You, on the other hand, need some.

Roxanne will be sad if she wakes up and sees you like this.” Lucian nodded. “I’ll stay with her tonight and get some rest here.

You’ve been running around the entire day and will continue to do so tomorrow. We cannot handle the consequences of any mishap from fatigue.”

At that, Madilyn finally nodded. “If anything unusual happens to her, call me. I’ll keep my phone on,” she reminded him before leaving.

Lucian nodded. Only then did Madilyn feel assured enough to depart with the group, who were still discussing Roxanne’s condition on their way to the hotel.

“I had heard of Dr. Jarvis when she was abroad, but by her Ustranasion name. I thought she was around our age.

Imagine my shock when I found out she was Dr. Lambert’s disciple, who was in her twenties!”

“Exceptional traditional medicine practitioners are becoming increasingly rare. What a shame that something like this happened to this one.”

“Mr. Farwell has not slept in two days for Dr. Jarvis. I pity the young couple. We can’t let anything happen to her.”

Madilyn gradually regained some faith as she listened to the group’s chatter. With so many talented doctors working together, in addition to Old Mr. Lomax’s assistance, nothing will happen to Roxanne!

At the same time, she felt thankful. It’s fortunate that Roxanne is with Lucian. If not for the Farwell family’s wealth, we wouldn’t have been able to hire this many skilled doctors.

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