Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1670

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1670 – Nobody Was Good Enough For Her Lucian’s gaze dimmed when he listened to how Roxanne and Peregrine met.

She would be thrilled if she woke up and learned that Old Mr. Lomax had treated her. But given the current situation, keeping her safe is …

“If there is no other way, I can only give Jack what he wants,” he said expressionlessly. Colby was taken aback. “Jack gave you his conditions?

What are they?” There must be a catch for Lucian to be thinking twice. Lucian’s grim gaze met his. “You only need to know one of them.

He wants me to marry another woman before Roxanne regains consciousness.” “Is he crazy? How could he make you do that?”

Lucian gave a self-deprecating laugh. “It was my negligence that resulted in Roxanne’s predicament. I should pay the price.” It is a heavy price to pay.

Colby looked at the man before him, still in shock, as his expression shifted. He would sacrifice his marriage for Roxanne’s safety.

He recalled the time he had first heard Roxanne’s story six years ago. He had been disgusted with Lucian and thought him unworthy of her.

Then Roxanne returned to the country six years later. Upon finding out about their union, Colby held on to the notion that Lucian’s sin was unpardonable and realized that it was wishful thinking to envision a future with her.

Now, it seems the person most worthy of Roxanne is the man before me. He is the only one who truly loves her to be willing to give anything for her.

My and Jack’s feelings for her, on the other hand, are only excuses we have used to hurt her. What I have done is unforgivable.

After chiding himself derisively, Colby looked up at Lucian with a look of disapproval. “No, you can’t just let him have his way.”

Lucian furrowed his brows at those words. “Jack is doing this to drive a wedge between you,” Colby said quietly.

“If you do as he asked, he will get what he wants. You and Dr. Jarvis have stayed together all these years. Shouldn’t that count for something?

Hold on to the very end, for her sake. If she knows this, I think she will fight to her dying breath for you and the children.”

As if sensing his inappropriate tone, Colby took a deep breath, his features hard with resolve, as he continued, “You need to have more faith in her and us doctors. We will definitely think of something.”

Those were the last words Lucian expected from him. A complicated mix of emotions arose in his eyes. “You would see me with Roxanne?”

he asked, unable to contain himself. He remembered how relentless Colby had been just to draw Roxanne’s attention to his existence.

Even after his arrest, Colby had insisted he did nothing wrong. However, at that moment, he seemed to have become another person.

Colby’s eyes flashed, and he averted his gaze stiffly. “Before today, I have always thought you were unworthy of Dr. Jarvis. Nobody was good enough for her.”

Even I myself am far from worthy. He then turned quickly to glance at Lucian. “I have seen how much you are willing to sacrifice for her.

Dr. Jarvis likes you, and you treat her well. That’s good enough. She’s better off with you than with somebody with impure motives.”

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