Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1660

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1660 – See You Being Alive When Lucian heard Madilyn’s words and turned to look at Roxanne’s ashen face, he felt as if someone was squeezing his heart forcefully, making it struggle to beat.

If what Madilyn said is true, and I can’t find a way to cure Roxanne in three days… At the thought of the ordeal Roxanne might face and the possibility that he could lose her because of that,

Lucian could no longer suppress his rage. At that moment, a murderous air surrounded him. He had thought that the worst thing that could happen was him dying with Roxanne.

However, they still had three children who grew up in incomplete families. The five of them had just reunited, and it would be too cruel to abandon the three children again.

As those thoughts fleeted across Lucian’s mind, he was overcome with the urge to tear Jack apart. This matter happened because of me. Why didn’t Jack target me? Why did he have to do something so inhuman to Roxanne?

“Mr. Farwell…” Sensing the murderous air in the ward, Madilyn was startled. “Don’t be like this. I believe that you’ll find a way to wake Roxanne. She’ll get through this, even if it’s for the sake of you and the children.”

“I will never let Jack Damaris off!” Lucian growled with a dark look. He wanted Jack to end up much worse than Colby.

Hatred painted Madilyn’s countenance. “Of course, but Roxanne is the priority now. Three days will pass by quickly. We have to come up with a way soon!”

Clenching his jaw, Lucian forced himself to calm down. He let go of Roxanne’s hand and said to Madilyn, “I will. You must be tired after working the entire day. Go and get some rest.”

Madilyn was unwilling to leave, but she knew Lucian felt as terrible as she was. Maybe he wants to tell Roxanne something in private.

With that in mind, Madilyn cast a reluctant glance at Roxanne before turning to leave. The door shut with a heavy thud. As Lucian turned back to gaze at the woman on the bed, dejection clouded his features.

“Roxanne, if I fail to think of a way after three days, don’t hate me after you wake up…” Madilyn’s words just now had left a huge dent in Lucian’s heart.

When he returned earlier, Roxanne had already been in agony for a while, so what he had witnessed might not be her most painful moment.

Lucian was uncertain if Roxanne would really be able to get through the three days. And even if she could, Lucian could not bear to let Roxanne undergo such torment.

Upon recalling the scene earlier, Lucian was overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness. For the first time in his life, he felt useless.

He had repeatedly promised Roxanne that he would protect her and the children, yet he was the one who put her in this state.

“I’m really useless, aren’t I?” Lucian lifted Roxanne’s hand to his lips and kissed it softly, wanting to seek solace.

Only Lucian’s low voice could be heard in the ward as he murmured, “If I still can’t find a way after three days, then I can only agree to Jack’s request. If you want to hate me after you wake up, hate me all you want.

That’s still better than you forgetting me. At least I can see you being alive and well if I agree to his request.”

If they really had to reach that point, Lucian didn’t mind letting Roxanne go far away with the three children.

He’d rather have her hate him and stay away from him than see her lying in the hospital bed like a lifeless person.

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