Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1659

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1659 – How Much Pain When Lucian reached the ward and noticed the experts were nowhere to be seen in the corridor, his heart lurched.

He walked up to the door and opened it. The expert’s words happened to reach his ears at that moment, and his face darkened immediately.

“Mr. Farwell…”At the sight of Lucian, the experts lowered their heads in guilt. Before Lucian left, he had asked them to take good care of Roxanne.

Now that he saw Roxanne in such a state, they would likely be held accountable for it.

Lucian stalked to the bed. Looking at Roxanne’s expression of pain, he said, “Don’t mind me. Help her first!”

Even when Colby tampered with the experiment last time, Roxanne did not appear to suffer this much. What drug did Jack use on her that she’s hurting so much even when she’s unconscious? As Lucian looked at Roxanne, he felt as if he could sense her pain.

His heart hurt so badly that he almost could not breathe. Although Madilyn was concerned about Roxanne, she stepped aside to make space for Lucian and went to help.

Standing beside the bed, Lucian held Roxanne’s hand. He felt so heavy-hearted that he couldn’t utter a word.

How he wished he was the one lying there and suffering instead. After being injected with sedatives, Roxanne looked visibly better.

Still, the atmosphere was tense aseveryone st ood there, low-spirited. While the sedatives temporarily relieved Roxanne’s symptoms, vasoconstriction was no trivial matter.

Roxanne could die from an aneurysm at any time, but they couldn’t find the cause of her vasoconstriction. Following another round of emergency treatment, Roxanne’s condition was finally under control.

The experts were all drenched in sweat and totally drained. “Thank you for your hard work, everyone. Go ahead and rest. Let’s continue to tink of treatment methods tomorrow,” said Madilyn before escorting the experts out of the ward.

With that, only three people were left. Roxanne’s face was as white as a sheet as she breathed faintly.

While Madilyn and Lucian watched her , they felt heartbroken. “Did you drop by the Queen residence? What did Mr. Queen say?”

asked Madilyn. Lucian closed his eyes to contain the churning emotions within him before repeating Jonathan’s words in a grim tone.

Madilyn’s expression turned solemn. “So that means there’s nothing the Queen family can do now. I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for those
recluse legendary doctors. Roxanne…”

Madilyn wasn’t sure if Roxanne could hang on until then. At that thought, Madilyn finally lost control of her emotions. With tearful eyes, she said, “I’ve been a doctor for so long, but this is my first time seeing an unconscious patient showing such violent reactions.

Just how much pain is Roxanne in?”They couldn’t imagine how Roxanne could withstand such suffering with her petite body. “

I will cure her. Sh’ll be okay!” Lucian declared as he gripped Roxanne’s hand. Madilyn didn’t know to whom those words were directed.

Lucian would never allow things to end just like this. They hadn’t even held their wedding and done the things they didn’t get to do before.

Holding back her tears, Madilyn stated, “The three days Jack mentioned might be the time it would take for the drug to take effect.

It hasn’t even been three days, yet Roxanne is already being tortured like this.” Madilyn couldn’t bring herself to imagine what would actually happen to Roxanne after three days. Just the possibility of Roxanne dying due to pain while she was in a coma made Madilyn feel suffocated.

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