Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1661

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1661 – High And Mighty Early the next morning, Frieda hurried to the airport.

She had received a text from Shawn the night before stating that he would be returning with that legendary doctor.

Frieda was so excited that she barely slept. The moment the sun peeked over the horizon, she got up, dressed up, and left the house right on time.

Around ten minutes after she arrived at the airport, she spotted the striking Shawn in the crowd.

Because of Shawn’s impressive aura and height, he was always an eye-catching presence wherever he went.

In fact, a lot of people around him were staring at him, as they thought he was a celebrity. When Frieda saw Shawn walking toward her, her heart began to race.

As he came to a stop in front of her, she held back her exhilaration and greeted, “You’re back.” After giving her a once-over, Shawn curled his lips and remarked, “You look pretty today.”

Frieda instantly blushed, feeling at a loss for what to respond. “Let me do the introductions. This is Old Mr. Lomax, the King of Medicine of Merania, who has lived in seclusion for years.”

Turning to Peregrine Lomax, Shawn said respectfully, “Old Mr. Lomax, this is Frieda Queen, the granddaughter of the Queen family.”

Frieda’s attention was focused on Shawn all this time. It was only when Shawn began speaking that she realized there was an old man beside him.

The old man was thin, and he was considerably tall, as he was just a few centimeters shorter than Shawn.

Though his face was wrinkly with age, his eyes gleamed coldly and made him look aloof.

From the way he carried himself, one could easily see that he was no ordinary man. Moreover, Shawn clearly treated him with high regard.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Peregrine,” Frieda hurriedly greeted politely. Peregrine glanced at her indifferently and replied, “I’ve seen you when you were young, but I’d prefer you not call me that. Just call me Old Mr. Lomax like this young man from the Crawford family.”

Frieda’s smile stiffened at that. She only addressed Peregrine that way because she wanted to cotton up to him.

Jonathan owned access to the Queen family’s connections now. Naturally, Frieda wanted to develop her own network as well.

To her surprise, the old man before her was way too stubborn. Shawn shot Frieda a look just then, so she had no choice but to agree meekly.

“I understand, Old Mr. Lomax.” Nodding slightly, Peregrine said, “Crawford, I’m tired. Where can I rest?”

With a smile, Shawn led the way. The Crawford family’s driver was already waiting outside. The trio got into the car, with Frieda sitting in the passenger seat.
Shawn and Peregrine sat in the back.

The latter would pipe up occasionally, asking Shawn about how the Crawford family was doing lately.

Though Peregrine acted high and mighty, Shawn did not show any signs of impatience. After all, Peregrine was indeed a capable man.

He was not the one who dubbed himself the King of Medicine. Instead, it was a title his peers in the medical field had been calling him by in the past few decades.

In fact, Peregrine almost joined the State Secrets Protection Department because of his skills.

Sadly, an explosion that happened during a research and development project sixteen years ago injured and even killed many of Peregrine’s mentees,

causing him to lose his will to go on. The explosion had happened because of him. Although he was not subject to criminal liability since it was an accident, he already labeled himself as an unforgivable sinner.

Ever since then, Peregrine had disappeared from everyone’s sight and even declined the government’s invitation.

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