Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1658

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1658 – Emergency Treatment At the hospital, Madilyn let the experts enter the ward, as she was worried sick about Roxanne.

The group stayed in the ward from the afternoon until midnight to figure out a treatment method, but they did not manage to reach a conclusion.

Still, Madilyn was unwilling to give up. As a doctor, she badly wanted to wake Roxanne with her own ability.

However, the experts had already stayed up the whole night yesterday. As most of them were old, they were exhausted after working for so long.

Left with no choice, Madilyn could only let them rest first. “Roxanne, you have incredible medical skills. Can you give me a hint and tell me how to save you?”

As the ward quieted down, Madilyn turned to look at Roxanne on the bed and murmured while holding her hand.

I wish I was the one lying here instead. If I were the one unconscious right now, Roxanne would definitely know how to save me.

Just as Madilyn was immersed in despair and guilt, she saw Roxanne’s eyelashes tremble a little. Madilyn widened her eyes.

Thinking that it was just her imagination, she tightened her grip around Roxanne’s hand and asked, “Roxanne? Can you hear me?”

Slowly, Roxanne’s eyebrows furrowed together. It seemed as if she was about to wake up.

Madilyn was certain she was not seeing things. She hurriedly stood up and pressed the call bell beside the bed.

It hadn’t been long since the experts left the ward, so Madilyn strode out of the ward and yelled at them to return.

The experts couldn’t help but feel nervous. “What’s wrong, Dr. Xander? Did Ms. Jarvis show any response?”Nodding fervently, Madilyn said

, “Hurry here and take a look. I think she’s about to wake up!” Then she walked back into the ward to check on Roxanne.

The experts followed her and came in one after another. They stared at Roxanne, their sleepiness totally gone thanks to the news that she might be waking up soon.

Roxanne’s frown deepened. Even though she was unconscious, her face contorted with pain.

An expert pointed out uneasily, “I don’t think this is a sign of Ms. Jarvis waking up. It’s more like…” He trailed off and didn’t dare to continue for fear that his words would come true.

Madilyn was also a doctor herself, after all. When she saw Roxanne’s expression, she soon understood what was going on. “Get ready for emergency treatment!”

Everyone present was an experienced expert, and the ward was well-equipped with all kinds of equipment. They quickly decided on the attending doctor, and the others cooperated with him deftly.

Roxanne seemed to be in terrible pain. Her face flushed red, and she began gasping for air. Madilyn was holding Roxanne’s hand when she suddenly felt the latter clutching her hand in return. The grip was so strong that it hurt Madilyn.

Lowering her head, Madilyn could see veins popping out on Roxanne’s arm. “Roxanne…” Madilyn’s eyes turned red with tears.

How awful could her pain be that she’s gripping me so tightly while she’s unconscious? What in the world did Jack do to her?

Then and there, Madilyn made up her mind that she would never let that hypocritical Jack off. “Don’t be scared. You’ll be fine soon.

I will cure you. I promise I’ll cure you.”Despite knowing that Roxanne couldn’t hear her, Madilyn spoke reassuringly and firmly.

After some time, the doctor in charge of treating Roxanne wiped away his cold sweat. With a somber expression, he said, “Ms. Jarvis is in pain because her blood vessels are contracting and expanding repeatedly. We can’t let this go on! We have to use sedatives on her!”

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