Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1657

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1657 – Regarding Himself Far Too Highly A flash of hesitation flittered across Frieda’s eyes.

But at the thought that Roxanne was an indispensable part of their subsequent plan, she ultimately relented, “Okay, got it. I’ll go and ask him about it.”

Thereafter, Jonathan added, “Don’t contact him anymore after the incident this time! Someone willing to help Aubree is definitely no decent man!”

Frieda was chagrined inwardly, but she still agreed docilely on the surface. Then, she spun on her heel and went upstairs.

When she returned to her room, she called the phone number Shawn gave her for the first time.

In no time, someone answered the call on the other end of the phone. “Why did you call me at this hour, Ms. Queen? Are you missing me?”

Shawn’s voice was incredibly suggestive. Enthralled by his voice, Frieda fell into a trance for several seconds.

Following that, Shawn chuckled, his eyes sparkling with devious glee. “We truly have a telepathic connection.”

That caught Frieda off guard. “Huh? What do you mean?”“I happened to be thinking of you, and you called me. What’s that if no t a telepathic connection?” Shawn teased.

Splotches of crimson slowly stained Frieda’s face. She went silent for a few seconds before she finally succeeded in suppressing the shyness and delight within her. Feigning calmness, she stated, “I’m seeking you out for something important.”

Shawn’s expression remained indifferent, but he sounded earnest beyond words. “What is it? As long as it’s something to do with you, I’ll definitely spare no effort.”

To him, it was truly a piece of cake to manipulate a naïve girl like Frieda. When Frieda heard that, her heart fluttered once more.

Her voice also softened considerably. “Roxanne has been poisoned, and no one is able to cure her for the time being.

I’d like to ask whether you are acquainted with any skilled doctors.” What? Something has happened to Roxanne?

In a flash, Shawn’s expression turned frosty.If my memory serves, she’s Lucian’s lover. Yet, someone dared to make a move against her?

“Who did it? And what is the culprit’s motive?” Shawn questioned icily. The change in his tone took Frieda aback momentarily before she gathered her wits about her.

“It was Jack Damaris. From the conversation between my brother and Lucian, I heard that he seemingly wants to use Roxanne to blackmail Lucian, hoping to obtain some benefits from the latter.”

“Him? What a joke! Is he even worthy of having designs on the Farwell family? He’s merely from a prestigious family in the medical field.

Clearly, he regards himself far too highly! How dare he steal my prey from me!” Shawn snorted disdainfully. The Farwell family’s rival can only be me!

If anyone dares to interfere, that’s akin to challenging me! His tone struck terror into Frieda. In a daze, she felt like she had again seen the man who negotiated with Aubree that night.

Her attraction toward him instantly disappeared into thin air. Fearful, she remained quiet, not daring to utter a word.

“I got it. There’s indeed a renowned doctor living in seclusion in the north. I’ll send someone to invite him over immediately. Tell Lucian not to agree to Jack’s terms!” Shawn asserted.

If Farwell Group were to be affected by this matter, it’d be downright boring for me when I make my move against Lucian in the future!

Frieda acquiesced softly. Seemingly sensing her fear, Shawn gentled his voice. “I’m only helping because of you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t care whether Roxanne lives or dies.”

Despite all he had said mere moments ago, Frieda couldn’t help believing him. She again found herself falling for him.

“If I manage to convince that doctor to accept my invitation, I’ll be coming back with him tomorrow. Will you come and pick me up?”

Shawn coaxed, his eyes narrowed a fraction. Unbidden, Frieda’s heart skipped a beat. “Yeah. Just tell me the time.”

Chuckling deeply, Shawn fed her a few more honeyed words before hanging up the phone.

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