Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1656

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1656 – That Man Is Capable “Have you heard it all?”

Jonathan watched as Lucian’s car disappeared from his line of sight before he whirled around and returned to the living room.

With his eyes trained in the direction of the kitchen, he put that question forth in a deep voice.

Right then, the living room was empty, and Frieda was the only person in the kitchen. Hence, it went without saying who that question was meant for.

Her heart clenching slightly, Frieda guiltily stepped out of the kitchen. “You knew I was here, Jonathan?”

Honestly speaking, Jonathan had already noticed her presence when he came downstairs earlier.

However, he was also aware of his sister’s intentions, so he didn’t expose her. On the contrary, he tried his best to divert Lucian’s attention on several occasions the man nearly noticed her.

“You’re not allowed to leak out a single word of the conversation betwen Lucian and me earlier! If I were to learn that you spoke of it to someone else, don’t dream of getting involved in anything related to Queen Group anymore for the rest of your life!”

he warned, a stern expression on his face. Hearing that, Frieda bobbed her head hesitantly. Jonathan eyed her with a frown, exasperation flooding him.

He then painstakingly analyzed the pros and cons for her benefit. “The interests of Queen Group and Farwell Group are closely linked together.

If something were to happen to Farwell Group, Queen Group would similarly be affected. If others were to know that Lucian is currently being threatened and has no time to handle other things, they would seize the opportunity to attack Farwell Group.

Consequently, Queen Group’s interests would also suffer tremendously. I hope you understand that much.”

It wasn’t until he mentioned Queen Group that Frieda sobered up. “Got it. I won’t tell anyone about it.” Jonathan stared at her for a long time.

Just when Frieda could no longer stand the probing scrutiny and wanted to beat a hasty retreat upstairs, Jonathan’s voice rang out slowly.

“A matter plaguing the Farwell family is also the Queen family’s concern. Since you heard everything, help to think of a solution as well.”

As soon as Frieda heard that, her expression stiffened imperceptibly. Faking a chuckle, she declined, “Jonathan, the Queen family’s connections are in your hands. Even if I want to help, I don’t have the capability to do so.”

“You naturally have your own connections,” Jonathan drawled expressionlessly. At that, the smile on Frieda’s face almost slipped.

“I don’t quite understand what you’re saying. Where would I get connections?” Jonathan’s brows knitted together, and his voice turned increasingly somber.

“I believe that you were close with Aubree back then for the sake of the Queen family. At present, Jack is already provoking us.

If you really care about the Queen family, don’t be a fool anymore and continue siding with outsiders!”

Guilt brimmed in Frieda’s eyes, but still, she steeled herself to continue denying it. Alas, Jonathan didn’t allow her any opportunity to speak.

“A few days ago, you left the office in the afternoon but only returned late at night. Who did you meet up with?”

No sooner had his words fallen than Frieda’s expression changed drastically. “I—” Unfortunately, Jonathan cut her off coldly.

“Don’t tell me you went for a drive. I’ve already sent someone to investigate your whereabouts. That day, you drove to a mansion in the suburbs.

The man who sent Aubree away lives there, yes?” Thanks to the foolish things she did previously, Jonathan had practically zero trust in her.

That night, he was still worried after she had explained things and sent someone to investigate the matter.

Unexpectedly, the investigative results validated his suspicions—Frieda had lied to him again.

He wanted to know what exactly she was planning with that man, so he had feigned ignorance about it.

Right that moment, however, he couldn’t help hoping that man would be of help since he must have his own connections.

“No matter what you’ve done to Dr. Jarvis with Aubree in the past, this is the best chance for you to make amends for your mistakes.

As that man was capable of sending Aubree away right under the Farwell family’s noses, he undoubtedly has some impressive connections.

Perhaps he knows someone who can help Dr. Jarvis,” he urged.

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