Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1655

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1655 – Suffer Such A Tragedy Jonathan didn’t know what to say in response to Lucian’s remark.

All he could do was comfort the latter awkwardly. “This isn’t on you. The fault lies with Jack. No matter what you did or didn’t do, he would’ve still looked for an opportunity to make a move against Roxanne.”

After he had said that, something occurred to him, and he continued, “He must have an ulterior motive in doing this. I wonder what it is.”

L ucian hadn’t planned on keeping it from Jonathan’s knowledge. Hence, he told the latter briefly about the negotiation between him and Jack when they met just now.

“Has he lost his mind?” After Jonathan heard about Jack’s terms, incredulity showed on his face.

Never mind that he wants ten of Farwell Group’s most profitable subsidiaries since Lucian can swiftly make up for them with his capabilities, but what right do they have to make decisions on Roxanne’s behalf about her research institute’s collaboration when she’s still in a coma?

Worse still, he even wants Lucian to marry another woman! What exactly is his motive here?

Meanwhile, repulsion brimmed in Lucian’s eyes. “I have no problems with all the other terms other than the final one. I’d never agree to it.”

I finally won her over, and I’ll never let her go again. Even in death, she has to die with me!

Jonathan sensed the terrifying aura emanating from the man, but he had no idea what was running through his mind then. For some inexplicable reason, his heart jolted.

Nonetheless, the man beside him was still his childhood friend. As such, he merely shuddered but composed himself in the next heartbeat.

Nodding, he seconded, “Jack has gone too far, his greed knowing no bounds. Sooner or later, he’ll reap the consequences of his actions.”

Subsequently, the two of them solemnly discussed the plan three days later if they still couldn’t find a way to rouse Roxanne by then, and Jack remained adamant about those three conditions.

At that moment in time, Frieda was in the kitchen. It so happened that she heard Lucian arriving when she came downstairs to get herself a glass of water.

Because of the foolish things she did in the past, she hadn’t the nerve to face the man. Thus, she wanted to wait until he had gone upstairs before sneaking back up.

Little did she expect her brother to come downstairs and for the two men to begin chatting on the couch. As she listened to their conversation, she didn’t dare make a single peep. In fact, she desperately suppressed her breathing, afraid that they would discover her.

Upon hearing her brother and Lucian’s exchange in the living room, she couldn’t help feeling horrified.

While she harbored no fondness toward Roxanne and was very much opposed to her getting together with Lucian, she had never imagined that the woman would suffer such a tragedy.

Oh God, Jack actually poisoned her, and even all the acclaimed doctors are helpless about it! Verily, she was glad that she didn’t stupidly offend Jack back when she joined hands with Aubree. I never expected him to be such a two-faced hypocrite!

After the initial relief, she inexorably started worrying. If something truly happens to Roxanne because of Jack’s poison, my plan with that man will fall through…

Upon realizing that, she felt that she needed to make time to contact that man and inform him about the matter before discussing their next step.

In the living room, Jonathan and Lucian were wholly focused on Roxanne’s matter to the point that they didn’t notice someone else’s presence in the kitchen.

“It’s late. You’re still going back to the hospital?” Jonathan asked when they ended their discussion at midnight.

In response, Lucian dipped his head a fraction. “I worry.” Therefore, Jonathan didn’t try to convince him to stay but saw him to the door.

“I’ll go and visit Roxanne tomorrow. Drive safe.” Lucian nodded wordlessly before leaving. Shortly after, the headlights of the Bentley lit up, and Lucian drove off.

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