Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1654

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1654 – Created An Opportunity “Why are you here alone? Where’s Roxanne?”

Jonathan gingerly put that question forth, but at the mere mention of Roxanne, the atmosphere in the room dipped frightfully.

He hastily zipped his mouth and sat there silently, waiting for Lucian to speak first. An indeterminate time passed before the man’s voice broke the silence. He sounded bone-tired.

Something has happened to Roxanne.” Although Jonathan had long since drawn that conclusion, his heart still clenched when he heard Lucian’s tone.

Based on his understanding of the man, Roxanne must be in real trouble this time. “Is there anything I can do to help?” he voluntarily offered.

Putting down the cup of coffee, Lucian leaned back against the couch. He lifted his hands and covered his eyes, his voice beyond grim.

“Jack poisoned her, and she has been unconscious for a day and a night. I got a lot of doctors to check her over, but they are all helpless about her situation. They can’t even tell what poison exactly is afflicting her!”

At his words, sheer shock deluged Jonathan. “Jack? He actually dared to…” Mid-utterance, he noticed Lucian’s grave expression. Immediately, he forcibly suppressed the surprise within him and racked his brain to help figure out a solution.

“Calm down first. After so many years in the medical industry, the Queen family has some connections.

Many renowned doctors have gone into seclusion, and you can’t hire them even if you’ve got money. But if I use my grandfather’s name and implore them for help, I can probably budge one or two of them. I’ll go and have someone send the invitations right away!”

As he said that, he whipped out his phone and called his assistant, ordering the latter to prepare the invitations that night itself before sending them out to those skilled doctors living in solitude. Lucian thanked him in a hoarse voice, “Thank you.”

However, Jonathan frowned in displeasure. “There’s no need for that between us. If we were really standing on formality, wouldn’t I have to prostrate myself before you and Roxanne in gratitude when you’ve both helped me so much?”

The Pearson family’s resources alone had already enabled the Queen family to expand to almost double its scale in the past.

On top of that, the Queen family would enjoy an even more esteemed reputation when Roxanne’s new medicine hit the market.

Lucian merely heaved a long sigh without responding to that. Perceiving his worry, Jonathan coaxed, “Don’t worry. Someone as kind as Roxanne will definitely pull through.

In light of her having saved innumerable patients, God won’t take her away so easily.” Despite his reassurance, he wasn’t all that confident about it.

After all, the Damaris family had withdrawn from society for the past few years and had a century of experience in the research of medicinal herbs.

I wonder what kind of insidious tactic Jack used… “Hopefully, that’s true. ”Lucian sat upright. He lifted a hand and picked up his cup of coffee, hoping to use the beverage to calm the turmoil within him. Unbeknownst to him, his hand holding the cup trembled uncontrollably.

Witnessing that, Jonathan was shocked to the core. He had always known that Lucian loved Roxanne deeply, but he had never expected Roxanne’s current situation to scare him to such a degree.

That said, he was also aware that it was only before him that Lucian could reveal this side of himself. When Lucian stepped out of this house, he would once again become the invulnerable “Mr. Farwell” in the eyes of outsiders.

At that thought, Jonathan inexorably felt sorry for him. He knew better than anyone how difficult it had been for Lucian and Roxanne to end up with each other. Unexpectedly, such a tragedy transpired when they had gotten together at long last.

“In truth, she could’ve avoided this.” Out of the blue, Lucian’s voice drifted into his ears, dripping with self-recrimination.

Following that, Jonathan regarded him in puzzlement. “She had been negotiating with Jack because of the new medicine, and I helped by giving her a

For that reason, she was exceedingly persistent and sought him out repeatedly. Never had it crossed our minds that every time they met created an opportunity for him to make a move against her.”

If I hadn’t said anything, she undoubtedly wouldn’t have been bothered about the profit split. And if she had agreed to Jack’s proposal of splitting the profits in half, the subsequent events wouldn’t have happened!

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