Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1653

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1653 – Down In The Dumps Just then, Lucian received a call from Madilyn. Frowning, he answered the call and immediately inquired about Roxanne’s condition. “How’s Roxanne?”

Madilyn gazed at her best friend on the hospital bed, her voice somber. “There are no changes for the time being.

But then, we still didn’t manage to surmise anything even after discussing her condition for the entire afternoon.” After saying that, she sighed helplessly.

When Lucian heard her reply, his heart grew increasingly heavier. “I’ll head over right away.”

“It won’t do any good even if you do so when you’re not a doctor,” Madilyn countered. Then, she admitted, “I called to ask whether you’ve tried seeking out the Queen family.”

After all, the Queen family was also quite prominent in the medical field.

If they agreed to help, there were high chances of determining the exact medicinal herbs Roxanne inhaled.

Only when she brought up the Queen family did Lucian belatedly remember about that possible avenue. “I’ll do that at once.”

Madilyn murmured in acknowledgment. Without saying anything further, both of them hung up the phone.

Verily, Lucian had been so panicked that he had relegated the most instrumental help available at present to the back of his mind.

In fact, if Madilyn hadn’t given him a call, her existence wouldn’t even have occurred to him. At that moment, it was late at night.

Jonathan was sitting in his study cross-legged, methodically arranging his work schedule for tomorrow with his assistant.

Never had he expected the Queen family to gain a boon for nothing when they had only helped to act as a go-between.

The new medicine Roxanne developed will soon cause a huge uproar in the entire medical world, and the Queen family is going to have something to do with that. It’ll boost our family’s reputation to some extent for sure!

At the thought of the Queen family’s bright future after the launch of the new medicine, he couldn’t help musing inwardly.

I was truly lucky to meet Roxanne back then. That aside, helping Lucian to pursue her was the wisest decision of my life.

She has brought countless benefits to the Queen family, from the resources I gained after the Pearson family’s downfall to this new medicine now

. Be it financial resources or reputation, the Queen family’s development now is inextricably linked to her. I’ve really got to thank her when the new
medicine is launched!

While he was allowing his mind to run free about the unlimited potential in the future, his butler’s voice suddenly rang out at the door.

“Mr. Queen, Mr. Farwell is here and waiting for you downstairs.” Hearing that, Jonathan abruptly corralled his thoughts.

Why did you have him wait downstairs? Just tell him to come upstairs directly!” Not only were their two families friends, but he and Lucian were even as close as brothers. Therefore, he had never asked the latter to wait downstairs.

Just as the butler was going to head downstairs to call Lucian, Jonathan came out of the study.

“Never mind. It might be something serious that he came over at this hour. I’ll go downstairs!” Having said that, he hurried down the stairs in huge

As soon as he reached the landing, he spotted Lucian sitting on the couch, downing coffee like nobody’s business.

One who didn’t know better might even assume that the man was holding a wine glass instead. “Why did you come over so late, Lucian?”

Jonathan’s heart sank slightly. Striding over, he sat down beside Lucian and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Glimpsing that the coffee in Lucian’s cup was already finished, he casually topped it up for the latter.

In the next second, the man beside him picked up the cup and took a long chug.

He cautiously peered into the cup, only to see that only half of the coffee, which had just been refilled to the brim earlier, remained.

Even the coffee grounds inside had diminished significantly. The instant he saw that, realization dawned upon him that his best friend was down in the dumps.

Could it be that something has happened to Roxanne? Other than that, I can’t think of any other reason for him to be in such a foul mood.

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