Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1650

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1650 – Three Days Jack was full of confidence as he used Roxanne’s life as a bargaining tool.

If Lucian wanted to save Roxanne, he would have to agree to Jack’s requests. f that were the case, with time, the Damaris family would not only be known as a prestigious medical family but could also be compared to the Farwell family.

This is the Damaris Group that I’ve always imagined it to be! Lucian was not the only one who could expand the influence of his company with his own ability. Jack could also make Damaris Group undergo drastic changes.

“Three days.” Jack held out three fingers. “I’ll give you three days. I hope you’ll give me a satisfactory answer by then. I only have three requests, and you have to agree to all of them.”

He shot a triumphant look at the person before him, as though he could already see his victory. Lucian balled his hands into fists as his tone turned ice cold. “What if I don’t agree to them?

What will you do, Mr. Damaris? Are you so sure that you’re the only one who has the antidote to the poison?

Jack seemed to take Lucian’s words as a joke and started laughing before he regained his composure and replied, “Of course!

My poison is created from a mix of the Four Peculiar Poisons! No one will be able to create the antidote! I’m afraid those idiots won’t even be able to guess the medicinal herbs I used!”

He acted kind and reminded him, “I’d advise you not to do anything pointless. There are so many medicinal herbs in the world.

There’s a possibility that those idiots would use medicinal herbs that contradict the ones I used. By then, I won’t have any say in Ms. Jarvis’ life or death!

Lucian pressed on, “Mr. Damaris, you were the one who poisoned Roxanne. Did you forget what happened with Colby?

Do you want to become like him and stay in jail for a few years before you come to a realization and regret it?”Jack stared at him in disdain.

“That idiot, Colby, was caught because you found dirt on him. He had no choice but to admit to his crimes. It serves him right to be jailed.”

Lucian asked in a deep voice, “Are you that certain I won’t find dirt on you, Mr. Damaris? By then, even if you don’t want to save her, there’ll be someone to force you to do it!”

Jack was confident in himself. “Mr. Farwell, aren’t you too confident? Talk to me about all this when you actually find evidence!”

He had been in the medical field for many years. Naturally, he knew how great his poisoning tactics were. Forget about Lucian.

Even if he asked Grandpa to come, it would be a waste of time! He had just recently developed that essential oil.

Lucian’s eyes darkened when he saw how confident Jack was. He clenched his teeth and suppressed his urge to beat the latter up.

Jack crossed his legs and rested an arm on the back of the chair as he narrowed his eyes at Lucian. “I’ll give you three days.

If you think that’s too long, how about one day? That’ll be just right since it’ll be the same as the time you gave me to think.”

Lucian met his gaze. He had regained his composure and calmly replied, “Three days. I’ll give you an answer after three days.”

Colby still needed time. Lucian could not bear to act rashly. Jack chuckled and held out his hand. “Please leave then, Mr. Farwell.”

I thought Lucian was tough, but looking at him now, he’s not that impressive after all! Lucian was expressionless as he got up and left the private room of the hotel.

After watching Lucian leave the private room, Jack’s assistant, Kevin, carefully reported Roxanne’s situation.

“Ms. Jarvis is still unconscious. Mr. Farwell found many famous doctors to diagnose her, but until now, they still have no leads.”

Jack was not surprised. “I’ve already said that he can only beg me to save her!”

He then pretended to be disappointed and sighed as he said, “Roxanne is so ungrateful. If she had only agreed to be with me, then she wouldn’t have had to go through all this. What a pity.”

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