Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1649

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1649 – What Is This Attitude “Do you have any other requests, Mr. Damaris?” Lucian asked when Jack did not reply.

Upon hearing that, Jack pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Am I that insatiable in your eyes, Mr. Farwell?”

Lucian responded in the same manner, “Are you not? If you have no other requests, I’ll sign the transfer agreement right now.”
There was a brief moment of silence in the private room. A while later, Jack smiled and clapped his hands. “

As expected of Mr. Farwell. You are a smart man. It’s always a pleasure to talk business with someone like you.”

Lucian remained unfazed as he stared at Jack coldly. “I don’t have time to waste on you. Get to the point.”

Jack stopped clapping and replied icily, “I won’t beat around the bush then. I want Farwell Group and Queen Group to give up their collaborations with the research institute.

My newly established company will step in and take over. I’ll sign a long-term contract with the research institute so all their future achievements will be shared with my company.”

He pretended to be generous and added, “Of course, I’m not that greedy either. My company will share half the profits from the sales of the medication with the research institute. I won’t let their efforts go to waste.”

Lucian shuddered in disgust when he saw the smug look on Jack’s face. He wanted nothing more than to destroy the person before him.

Yet when he thought of Roxanne, he had no choice but to swallow his anger. “I can’t make any decisions for the research institute, but I can promise you that Farwell Group and Queen Group will announce their termination of the contract with the research institute starting tomorrow.

As for the other matters, you’d have to wait for Roxanne to wake up to discuss them with her.” Lucian tried his best to sound calm.

Jack already expected Lucian to say that and did not press further. Instead, he sighed and said, “Mr. Farwell, I underestimated your love for Ms. Jarvis.

I can’t believe you agreed to my requests without any hesitation.”He then changed his tone. In a deliberately vague manner, he asked, “But I do want to know one thing.

Would you agree to anything I asked for?” In other words, he had more demands. Lucian scrunched his eyebrows, and his expression turned grim. “

What else do you want?” Jack replied, “I want you to find another woman and marry her before Roxanne wakes up.

Plus, you need to announce this to the public and make sure that it is the first thing Roxanne hears of when she wakes up!”

As if he still had not had enough of pushing Lucian’s buttons, he added, “As long as you agree to never be with Roxanne, I promise to wake her up!”

Lucian was furious and exuded a murderous aura. Sensing the change in Lucian’s attitude, Jack sighed. “Mr. Farwell, just what is this attitude you’re giving
me? Don’t you want to save Ms. Jarvis?”

“Mr. Damaris, I advise you not to overstep your boundaries,” Lucian warned as he tried to suppress his anger.

Jack narrowed his eyes. “Have you not noticed, Mr. Farwell? This is my main request. Since I can’t have Ms. Jarvis, then I won’t let other men have her!”

In this world, Roxanne can only be with me! There can be no other men! “Think about it, Mr. Farwell. Ms. Jarvis and I are both doctors and have a lot in common.

Only we can help each other! As long as she’s with me, she’ll be able to reach her full potential!” Jack got more enthusiastic the more he talked.

He was exhilarated when he saw Lucian grow angry but was helpless to do anything about it.

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