Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1651

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1651 – When Is Mommy Coming Home It was already nine at night when Lucian left the hotel.

Starting the car, he wanted to return to the hospital. He was still worried even though Marilyn was there with Roxanne.

However, just as he started driving, his phone rang. He took his phone and saw it was an incoming call from Benny.

Lucian thought of what Colby had said that afternoon and subconsciously felt warmth fill his heart when he saw Benny’s name on his phone screen.

“Daddy, are you not coming back tonight either?” Benny’s voice quickly rang in Lucian’s ear when the call connected.

His tone was filled with dejection and anticipation. Lucian could already imagine the three children waiting eagerly at home.

If Roxanne were awake, she would’ve asked me to go home and comfort them.

As he thought of that, Lucian slowed down and turned the car around, making his way home. While he did that, he comforted Benny, “I’m on my way home. Have you all had dinner?”

Benny’s tone turned happy as he said, “We haven’t! We’re waiting for you to come and eat with us!”

Benny’s words moved Lucian. “I got it. I’ll be home soon.”Benny responded cutely, “Okay.”

After hanging up, Lucian looked at himself through the rearview mirror. The person in the mirror had a serious expression, and his eyebrows were furrowed deeply.

Anyone could tell he was in a bad mood at first glance. I might scare the children if I go back looking like this.

On his way home, Lucian kept glancing at himself through the rearview mirror to control his expression.

By the time his car stopped at the Farwell residence, he had already successfully concealed all his anger. “Daddy!”

When they heard the commotion outside, the children excitedly ran out to welcome him home. Catalina was worried and hurried to follow behind them.

When she saw that Lucian had returned, she breathed a sigh of relief and went back to the living room.

The three children surrounded Lucian and jumped up and down in excitement. Lucian felt the heavy load on his heart lighten when he saw them.

Daddy, are you very busy? Did you eat dinner yet?” “Daddy, I’m hungry. Let’s go in quickly and eat dinner!”

Estella and Benny grabbed Lucian’s hands affectionately and pulled him into the manor. There was also a smile on Archie’s face, but he still looked concerned.

Lucian knitted his eyebrows when he noticed Archie’s unusual emotion. Concerned, he asked, “Archie, what’s wrong? Do you have something on your mind?”

Archie frowned and curiously asked, “Daddy, where’s Mommy? She would always let us know before she went on business trips.

She’d also call us when she arrived.” However, there was no news from her this time.

Plus, she had not picked up any of their calls either. Lucian’s gaze slightly darkened when he heard Archie mention Roxanne.

However, he soon regained his composure and bent down to comfort Archie by ruffling the boy’s hair.

“Your mommy went in a rush this time, so she only had time to tell me. She went to a mountain for a medical consultation, and the signal there is bad.

I’m sure she’ll call us when she gets a signal.” He had thought about what to say during the entire journey home. Hopefully, the children won’t be able to
detect any flaws in that excuse. Sure enough, the children were not suspicious of him.

However, when they heard that Roxanne had gone to a mountain, they kept asking questions regarding her safety there.

“Daddy, are there any wild animals in the mountain? Will Mommy get hurt?” “Is the mountain a remote area? Did Mommy go alone?”

“When is Mommy coming home?” Lucian was rendered speechless.

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