Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1648

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1648 – I Can Give Them AwaySeconds later, Jack’s gaze da rkened as he turned to his assistant. “Call Lucian and arrange a meeting with him tonight!”

Kevin nodded without hesitation, grateful that he could finally leave the scary atmosphere in the office to make the call.

However, just as Kevin was about to take his leave, Jack’s voice boomed out. “Stop right there! You can make the call here!”

I want to hear Lucian giving in to my demands! With his head still hung low, Kevin shuddered and hastily fished out his phone to call Lucian.

Fortunately, the call got through after just a few rings. “Hello, Mr. Farwell. I’m Mr. Damaris’ assistant,” Kevin greeted.

On the other end, an inscrutable Lucian stopped the car by the road and held the phone to his ear. “Has Jack Damaris made a decision?”

Kevin had put his phone on speaker so Jack could hear the conversation clearly in the silent office.

Alas, the latter’s expression turned grim when he heard Lucian addressing him by his full name.

Kevin tensed up at the sight of his boss’ reaction and knew he’d have to proceed with caution. “Mr. Damaris would like to meet up with you tonight.

I’ll text you the time and location in a bit. Is that okay?” “Sure,” Lucian replied without hesitation.

Hmm. I thought Jack would try to stall this as much as possible, but now that he wishes to hold the discussion, I’m more than happy to abide!

Furthermore, I’m also curious why he has dragged this out for so long. What does he want exactly?

Kevin ended the call at Jack’s instruction and quickly booked a hotel’s private dining room for the meeting.

With that, he texted the details t o Lucian as promised. Instead of replying to the text, Lucian started his engine and drove straight to the hotel.

At nine o’clock that night, the two men appeared at the hotel entrance almost simultaneously.

“You sure are punctual, Mr. Farwell!” Jack said smilingly and almost with a hint of flattery. Lucian, on the contrary, maintained his icy-cold expression and strode into the hotel without a word.

Jack glowered at the man’s retreating figure, but within seconds, a smile was back on his face.

“You won’t be this smug much longer, Lucian Farwell!” Jack muttered to himself before entering the hotel.

By the time he walked up the stairs, Lucian had already made himself comfortable in the room.

Grinning, Jack sat opposite him and instructed Kevin to have the hotel staff serve the food.

“No, thanks. I’m not here to have dinner with you,” Lucian said impassively. “Go on and tell me what you want, Mr. Damaris.”

In response, Jack politely called for Kevin and gestured for the necessary documents. Without further ado, the latter pulled out a folder and handed it over.

“Take a look at this, Mr. Farwell,” Jack urged as he slid the folder toward Lucian. “These are the ten Farwell Group subsidiaries that I’ve painstakingly selected. I wonder if you’d be willing to part with them.”

To his surprise, Lucian didn’t even bother flipping through the documents. He merely glanced at the cover and nodded his acknowledgment.

“It’s an honor for these companies to have you take a liking to them, Mr. Damaris.” Jack scrutinized Lucian’s expression and decided to push his luck.

“In that case, I’d like to buy all the shares of these ten companies at half the market price. Would you be okay with that, too, Mr. Farwell?”

“If you like, I can even give them to you for free, Mr. Damaris,” Lucian replied as he stared at Jack.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how ambitious Jack is. The ten companies can’t be the only things he wants!

He only made the previous requests to test how far I was willing to go… With that thought in mind, Lucian turned grim and steeled himself for what was to follow.

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