Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1647

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1647 – Someone I Cannot Have After leaving the prison, Lucian returned to his car with a heavy heart.

Roxanne’s condition had already left him feeling suffocated, and his conversation with Colby didn’t help either.

In fact, he was even more dumbfounded than ever. Now that I think of it, Roxanne probably distanced herself from me on several occasions because I was getting too close to the boys.

Was she afraid that I’d find out about their background? Or was she worried I’d marry Aubree and fight for custody of the kids? Argh!

What is it exactly… Lucian’s mind was a tangled mess, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out why Roxanne did what she did.

Eventually, he had no choice but to set the matter aside. If I want to know her reasons, I can always ask her when she’s awake.

The top priority now is to get her out of the coma! Back at Damaris Group, Jack returned to his office after getting someone to send Hector away.

Surprisingly, Lucian’s hardball tactics from that afternoon had worked their magic. Even though Jack’s expression remained impassive, he quickly instructed his assistant, Kevin, to prepare a list of Farwell Group’s subsidiaries.

Come to think of it, Farwell Group’s subsidiaries do have more room for development than the research institute and pharmaceuticals.

Why shouldn’t I consider Lucian’s offer when the main thing I’m after is money? As it turned out, Farwell Group had almost a hundred subsidiaries, but Kevin did an excellent job sorting them out and listing all the details.

With that, Jack began reading through and making a careful selection. After three long hours, he finally settled on the most promising companies and turned to Kevin, looking very proud of himself.

“Take a look. What do you think of these ten companies?” Kevin couldn’t help but wonder if he had misheard the number, but upon going through the document, he was shocked to see that his boss wasn’t lying about the ten companies.

Oh my! B-But… These are ten of the most profitable subsidiaries of Farwell Group! Any one of them will be enough to support Damaris Group’s expenses, yet Mr. Damaris is asking for ten!

By then, Kevin could feel his hands shaking. “M-Mr. Damaris, isn’t this a little too much? Mr. Farwell is no pushover. There’s no way he’d agree to such an unreasonable demand.”

For all we know, this might even piss Mr. Farwell off. When that happens, Damaris Group will be doomed… Jack instantly shot his assistant a glare. “

How short-sighted! You’re still young, for goodness’ sake. Why do you have the same view as that old geezer?”

After hearing how rudely Jack referred to Hector, Kevin lowered his head in fear, not daring to answer.

“If we want to expand Damaris Group, we’d need large sums of capital. Since Roxanne’s life is now in my hands, Lucian will pay any amount of money for me to save her! I’m only asking for ten companies.

Is that such a big deal to the powerful Farwell Group?” Jack bellowed, his eyes burning with desire.

That assurance, however, did little to allay Kevin’s fears. So… Mr. Damaris wants to play mind games with Mr. Farwell.

Then again, Mr. Farwell is not one to be underestimated. After all, he single-handedly developed Farwell Group to its current state.

Can Mr. Damaris really beat him? “Other than these ten companies, Roxanne’s research institute and all the new medicines developed by it will also be mine!” Jack exclaimed. “As for Roxanne…”

Kevin’s heart skipped a beat. “If I can’t have her, why should anyone else be able to?” Jack continued, his face cold and unfeeling.

“I want them to know the consequences of going against me!” There was no knowing what was on Jack’s mind. Nevertheless, his spine-chilling smile frightened Kevin so much that the latter looked away in fear.

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