Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1646

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1646 – They Are Your Children “Oh, come on. Did you honestly think Dr. Jarvis had Archie and Benny with another man?”

Colby said, clearly amused by Lucian’s reaction. Of course, Colby had hit the nail on the head, and the latter’s face instantly darkened.

The next second, Colby frowned and glanced at the man. “I’m suddenly regretting my decision… How did Dr. Jarvis agree to be with you when you still refuse to believe in her?”

After six long years, I know better than anyone else how Roxanne rejects other men. I can even confidently say that she wouldn’t bother interacting with us if it weren’t for our work in the medical field.

However, Lucian is still under the impression that she bore children with another man! What a joke! Even though Colby hadn’t said anything, the silence was enough of a statement.

By then, Lucian’s expression had gotten even gloomier. For some reason, he could begin to see the facial similarities between him and the boys, but then again,

could that merely be the power of suggestion? Thankfully, Colby decided to face reality and tell Lucian the truth.

“Those two boys are your children with Dr. Jarvis. Why else do you think they’re so close to you?

However, judging by your reaction, I suppose she hasn’t broken the news to you. As for why she hasn’t done so, I assume she still doesn’t trust you enough.
It’s just like how you don’t fully trust her…”

With that, Colby let out a derisive snort. “Ha! You aren’t all that impressive after all, Mr. Farwell!” The veins in Lucian’s forehead bulged as he remained in shock. “Do you have evidence that Archie and Benny are my sons?”

remember Roxanne mentioning that Archie and Benny are a year younger than Essie! Wait… Has she been lying to me since then?

“I’ve been working with Dr. Jarvis since the first year she went abroad. When it comes to the timing of her pregnancy or the men she had had contact with, I’m the one who knows best! There’s no doubt that you’rethe boys’ father!” Colby snapped.

Those words hit Lucian like a bolt of lightning, and for a moment, he was stupefied. Archie and Benny are mine, huh? My goodness.

Should I feel happy or sad? I’m overjoyed that Roxanne has never hooked up with other men and that the two boys are my sons.

At the same time, I can’t believe she’s been hiding such a massive secret from me! Am I that unreliable to her?

Why else would she want to hide the boys’ parentage from me? I can understand if she hid it from me when we weren’t together, but our relationship has progressed so much. Why didn’t she tell me the truth?

Unfortunately, Colby took Lucian’s silence as a sign that the latter still had doubts. He said coldly, “If you don’t believe me, you can always do a paternity test, Mr. Farwell.

In any case, I don’t have a reason to lie to you. What good would I get out of it? I can’t believe you’re so paranoid…

No wonder Dr. Jarvis doesn’t want to tell you the truth!” Upon hearing that, Lucian finally snapped out of his daze and tucked his complicated ball of emotions away.

His voice, however, still gave away how anxious he was. “Thank you for your concern, Dr. Galloway, but I think I’ll confirm it with Roxanne.

For now, it’d be best for everyone if you concentrated on her illness instead. After all, none of us knows how much longer she can wait.”

Colby’s gaze flickered as he was reminded of Roxanne’s condition. Having lost his mood to fight, he lowered his head and fell silent.

With that, Lucian shot him an unfathomable look and strode off.

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