Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1645

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1645 – What On Earth Is This About After scrutinizing Lucian for a while to ensure he wasn’t faking gratitude, Colby felt a stir of emotions.

“What’s your relationship with Dr. Jarvis now?” he blurted out. Upon hearing that, Lucian suddenly recalled how Colby had mocked him when he first showed up.

Gosh. I was so worried about Roxanne that I completely forgot his words. I doubt I would’ve remembered them if he hadn’t asked that question.

“She and I are together, just like you’ve guessed,” Lucian answered truthfully, his brows furrowed ever so slightly. “

I’ve already proposed to her, and we’ll hold the wedding once she’s woken up!” Technically, Roxanne hasn’t agreed to my proposal, and it’s also highly probable that she might turn me down…

Nevertheless, I’ll do everything I can to make her say yes! I don’t want to experience the torment of losing her again!

A glimmer of surprise instantly flashed across Colby’s eyes. However, when he thought back to Lucian’s earlier attitude, a mix of relief and bitterness washed over him.

“Of course. Of the three of us, you’ve always had the best chance of winning her heart.”

After all, neither Jack nor I could love Roxanne without any agenda. Lucian’s different from us, though.

He already has ample power and wealth, so his love for Roxanne is undeniably pure and free of ulterior motives.

Feeling somewhat perplexed by Colby’s sudden change in demeanor, Lucian stood rooted to the spot and stared silently.

Seconds later, Colby lowered his gaze in defeat. “I can feel that Dr. Jarvis has always cared a lot about you, except she’s never wanted to admit her feelings.

I, on the other hand, had also chosen to lie to myself. In all honesty, you’re the only one she’s ever loved. Whether it’s six years ago or now, her love for you has never changed.”

Lucian was overjoyed, but it wasn’t long before he narrowed his eyes, seemingly having thought of something. Wait a minute… Six years ago?

If it’s true that Roxanne hasn’t stopped loving me, then what’s the deal with Archie and Benny?

“Even though Dr. Jarvis kept lying to herself, those two kids have always been on your side,” Colby added with a bitter chuckle. “

The bond of the blood sure is astonishing. The two boys had never met you before, yet they were still naturally drawn to you.”

As it turned out, Roxanne was already pregnant when she and Colby first met at Harvey’s research institute.

He was very clear about Archie and Benny’s family background, so when he returned home and saw how well the boys were getting along with Lucian, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of crisis.

Lucian’s frown deepened as he grew increasingly shocked. “What did you say? What’s this about the bond of the blood?”

This time around, it was Colby’s turn to be surprised. “Huh? Don’t you know?” Lucian shook his head while images of Archie’s and Benny’s faces continuously popped into his mind.

Are those two boys really Roxanne’s and mine? Why hasn’t she ever said a word about it? Then again, if they aren’t my kids, why do I always feel so close and comfortable around them?

I used to think it was only because the boys were highly likable, but looking back at it, I don’t remember ever losing my temper when they and Roxanne shunned me.

It’s almost as if I treat them the way I treat Essie. They’re all equally important to me… The more Lucian tried to piece everything together, the more suspicions he had about Archie and Benny.

More importantly, they claimed that their father has never appeared, and Roxanne forbids them from bringing the topic up too…

With that, Lucian recomposed himself and shot a stern look at Colby. “Tell me. What on earth is this about?

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