Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1644

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1644 – Obliged To Do At the mention of Roxanne’s condition, the hostility that radiated off Colby gradually subsided.

“The experts I’ve hired are speculating that Jack used a specific herb, but they cannot determine exactly which medicinal herb it is,” said Lucian.

Colby noticed one minor detail. “Did you ask Jack?” How else could Lucian have known so much about the nature of the drug? Lucian nodded.

“I think Jack won’t give in and save Dr. Jarvis so easily!” scoffed Colby. “He must’ve come up with a demand so unreasonable that you’re not willing to follow through, even for her sake.

That’s why you thought of me.” Having said this, Colby leaned back in his chair. “If your love for Dr. Jarvis only extends that far, then I have no reason to help you. Surely you’re aware that we are rivals competing for her affection, Mr. Farwell?”

Lucian furrowed his brows as he said, “If he had made demands, I would have complied with them.

However, Jack is deliberately stalling for time with me. I can’t wait any longer!” What Lucian meant was that Jack had never made any demands in the first place. All he was doing was toying with Lucian using Roxanne’s life as bait.

Colby raised a brow and finally sat up straight again. “That’s because he’s a blasted hypocrite. Of course, we can’t count on him!”

After speaking, Colby narrowed his eyes and fell into deep thought. “Since the drug was administered through breathing, then how did Jack leave the room unscathed when he was in the same place as Dr. Jarvis?

He must’ve ingested an antidote prior to the meeting. I’m guessing that the antidote is only effective for a limited time.

Otherwise, Jack would’ve been affected by the drug as well after prolonged exposure to it.”

This conjecture was consistent with what the researchers and experts had raised, but somehow, Colby was more observant.

It was only then that Lucian finally believed why Linda said that Colby had an extra edge when it came to such matters.

Colby was quickly immersed in his own thoughts. He mumbled the names of a few medicinal herbs and tried to determine if they were possible
antidotes. In seconds, he could visualize if they were correct or not.

Lucian, on the other hand, had no experience in this field. All he could do was wait for an outcome with bated breath.

After a while, Colby’s expression turned unsightly as he said, “There are hundreds of medicinal herbs with varying properties.

If you’re not careful, you can accidentally choose herbs that are in a state of flux, constantly enhancing and inhibiting the other.

I need to be very cautious. For the time being, I’m unable to be certain.” Lucian’s expression grew even more grim.

“But since Jack likely has something he wants in exchange, I don’t think the efficacy of the drug is virulent. For now, Dr. Jarvis will be fine.

Give me two days. In two days’ time, come and see me again,” Colby added. Since Colby had a certain understanding of Jack and knowledge of medicinal herbs, he was still confident that a solution could be found.

Two days? Lucian was not sure if he could wait that long. However, all he could do was agree since there was no other way.

“I understand. Thank you, Dr. Galloway,” said Lucian. Colby nodded, but there was something on his mind.

Just as Lucian was about to turn and leave, he stopped him in his tracks. “Mr. Farwell?” Lucian stopped and turned to face Colby. “

Is there anything else, Dr. Galloway?”Colby gave him the once over, and his gaze rested firmly on Lucian’s face.

He thought about how excessive his actions had been toward Roxanne and how furious Lucian had been at the time.

If anything, Colby assumed Lucian would have hated him to the core. Regarding his willingness to help, Lucian could have easily framed it as something he was obliged to do.

However, he never imagined Lucian to be so courteous. This came as a surprise to him.

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