Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1638

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1638 – Exchange For The Antidote After leaving the Damaris residence, Lucian headed back to the hospital.

Given her condition, he felt uneasy even though he had only left for a few hours. I wonder if the information I pried from Jack is able to help the specialists wake Roxanne up!

He sped all the way and arrived at the entrance of the hospital twenty minutes later. Lucian stepped out of the car and strode into the hospital, heading to the top floor.

Despite racking their brains, the director and the specialists couldn’t figure out what was going on with Roxanne. “Mr. Farwell!”

Hearing the footsteps, everyone turned to look at the door. They then froze when they realized it was Lucian.

Mr. Farwell is back, but we haven’t figured out a way to save Dr. Jarvis yet. Everyone wilted when they recalled his dark expression.

Ignoring their greeting, Lucian entered the ward to check on Roxanne. Zayne, the director, quickly went into the ward after him.

“Mr. Farwell, nothing happened to Mrs. Farwell when you weren’t here. Don’t worry!” Indeed, Roxanne seemed to be in the same state as when he left.

Lucian couldn’t bear to look at her anymore and turned to Zayne. “I need to talk to the specialists now.” Zayne quickly assented.

After they walked out of the ward, Zayne glanced at the rest and said, “Mr. Farwell, the specialists are here.”

Lucian nodded and proceeded to tell them how Jack harmed Roxanne. “From what I discovered, Roxanne wasn’t poisoned. Rather, it’s the prolonged exposure to a certain kind of essential oil that led to the symptoms she’s experiencing,” he explained.

Glancing at the rest, he asked, “Everyone, do you have any idea how to treat her now?” Hearing his words, the specialists started chattering among themselves.

Knowing what caused Roxanne’s condition would help them to figure out a treatment for her. Roxanne was Lucian’s wife.

If they could figure out a way to treat her, the Farwell family would owe them a favor. That way, they wouldn’t need to worry about financing their projects in the future!

Despite the sheer amount of specialists present, none of them were able to treat Roxanne. Obviously, Roxanne’s condition was pretty complicated.

If any of them were able to successfully treat her, they would become widely renowned for their achievement. Ultimately, this would be nothing but
beneficial for them.

After mulling it over for a while, they swiftly made up their minds. “I have a question.”

One doctor took the initiative to ask, “Given that it is related to smell, it appears that whoever administered the poison to Mrs. Farwell must have been in close proximity to her. Did anything happen to that person?”

A slight frown marred Lucian’s countenance as he replied in displeasure, “He’s perfectly fine.” As he seemed to be upset to hear that question, the doctor grew nervous. “

That means the perpetrator must’ve taken the antidote in advance to resist the poison.” Antidote? Lucian’s eyes narrowed icily at that possibility.

No wonder Jack is certain that he is the only one who can save Roxanne. It turns out he has prepared the antidote and is now ready to exchange it with us.

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