Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1637

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1637 – Recuperate “Grandpa, are you still upset?”

As Jack entered the mansion, he couldn’t help but overhear Hector’s stern rebuke. His lips involuntarily tugged into a disdainful sneer, but he quickly composed himself before stepping into the living room.

Hearing him, Hector instantly vented his anger at him. “Why are you here? Where is Mr. Farwell?” Jack answered, “He left through the back door.

Why would you want to see him? Is it not enough that you already defended him earlier?” “You b*stard!”

Jack’s words were so sharp that Hector nearly started heaving in anger. Taking a few deep breaths, he tried to rein in his emotions before angrily shouting, “Was I defending him?

I was trying to help you! If Lucian were to become irate, how would our family be able to stand up to the Farwell Group?

You will be the one to suffer if Damaris Group is driven to its downfall!” Jack pursed his lips silently as impatience flashed across his eyes.

Since Jack was a young boy, he had always been subjected to harsh reprimands by Hector and had since grown weary of it. / can’t believe he is still the same! What a stubborn old fool.

“What exactly did you do to Dr. Jarvis? She’s Mr. Farwell’s girlfriend, so we cannot afford to offend her. Besides, she’s an excellent doctor.

How could you harm her?” Hector demanded angrily. He slammed his fist down on the table and firmly ordered, “I don’t care what it takes.

You are to wake Dr. Jarvis this instant, or you will be dismissed from your position as the leader of Damaris Group!”

It was a critical situation, so Hector decided to protect Damaris Group since Jack refused to listen to him.

Jack snorted icily after he heard that Hector wanted him out of Damaris Group. “You’re an old fool, aren’t you? I can’t believe you’re still siding with them!”

Hector’s expression grew stern as he realized Jack was no longer the grandson he knew. How dare he call me an old fool?

Jack walked to Hector slowly and said icily, “Have you ever considered the potential of having Dr. Jarvis as part of our team?

With her expertise and skill, Damaris Group would be able to reach heights we never thought possible. By working together, we could create a formidable medical empire that would be respected and feared by even Farwell Group, let alone many other competitors in the industry.”

He made no effort to conceal his desire to achieve success. Shock crossed Hector’s face. “Y-You…” When did my grandson become someone this ambitious?

“What? I’m doing this for Damaris Group’s sake! You might not mind seeing the company coming to an end, but I refuse to accept that its journey ends here! I must expand Damaris Group.

This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Even if I can’t persuade Roxanne to join us, I must at least be able to acquire something from Farwell Group!”

There was a crazed look in Jack’s eyes. “You must be nuts!” Hector was panting heavily as he clutched his chest. His face was contorted in a mixture of agony and anger.

Calmly, Jack retrieved two pills and fed them to Hector. “I’m not nuts. As long as I seize this opportunity, Damaris Group will be on the path to growth and success in no time!”

Left with no choice, Hector demanded, “Gather the shareholders of Damaris Group to discuss the matter. It’s too important for you to make the decision alone!”

“No need forthat” Jack told him before turning to the door. “Come on in!” Confused, Hector turned to the door and saw two bodyguards clad in suits striding into the mansion.

“Old Mr. Damaris isn’t feeling well. Bring him back to Bellridge so he can recuperate there,” Jack instructed calmly.

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