Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1639

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1639 – I Will Not Show Mercy “Since Mrs. Farwell was poisoned through inhalation, she might’ve inhaled some sort of medicinal herb,” another doctor suggested. “What kind of medicinal herb can it be?”

If they were able to identify the type of medicinal herb, it would be much simpler for them to formulate an effective antidote.

Everyone started brainstorming and discussing the possibilities. The room quickly filled with loud chatter and the buzz of conversation.

Lucian initially waited for them to come to a conclusion patiently, but almost thirty minutes later, they were still deep in discussion.

Frustrated, he got up and entered the ward.The ward was eerily silent as Roxanne lay in a coma.

Lucian walked over to the bed and leaned down to look intently at her. “Don’t be scared, Roxanne. I’m figuring out a way to save you, and you’ll be able to regain consciousness soon.”

With that, he gave her a comforting kiss on her lips as though she could really hear him. The kiss ended as abruptly as it started.

Lucian then stroked her long silky hair and muttered to himself, “When you wake up, you will accept my proposal, and we will have a grand wedding to announce to the world that you are mine.”

After this incident, he wanted nothing more than to make Roxanne his wife officially. Lucian lowered his gaze to conceal the agony in his eyes.

The hand he placed on Roxanne’s hair was trembling slightly. “It was my fault. I should’ve known Jack was a hypocrite and asked you to stay away from him instead of helping you to negotiate with him again and again.

If that were the case, you wouldn’t have ended up in this state…” Lucian recalled how they fought several times over Jack and went cold with fury.

If it wasn’t for Jack, we would’ve been together by now! Lucian softly whispered into her ear, “He hurt you, so I will never forgive him.

Even when you wake up and plead for his mercy, I won’t show him any compassion. Don’t judge me for taking this action.”

Alas, the woman on the bed didn’t react in the slightest. Even though Lucian had openly declared his affection for her and had threatened to exact harsh revenge upon Jack, Roxanne remained still and silent in her bed.

If her face wasn’t deathly pale, others would’ve assumed she was simply sound asleep.

Lucian felt compelled to admonish her for being too naïve and trusting, first with Colby and now with Jack. However, he couldn’t bring himslf to blame her as she was already unconscious. In the end, he placed the blame on himself.

When he was recounting his mistakes to Roxanne, the phone on the table suddenly rang. Lucian stopped talking and stood up to see who it was.

It was a call from Madilyn. He remembered Madilyn was a good friend of Roxanne. In fact, she was Archie and Benny’s godmother.

Most importantly, she was a capable doctor. Lucian only hesitated for a few moments before he answered the call.

“Roxanne, what took you so long?” Madilyn grumbled once the call connected. “I finally got a day off. Let’s bring Archie and Benny out to have some fun!”

Lucian glanced at Roxanne before responding, “It’s me.” Madilyn was taken aback to hear his voice. She quickly recalled their relationship and teased, “Mr. Farwell, are you with Roxanne? Where is she? Do you want to join us to have some fun together?”

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