Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1628

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1628 – When Was She Poisoned “Mr. Farwell, what happened to Dr. Jarvis?”

Linda strode to the hospital bed, ignoring the tension swirling around Lucian. His head swiveled to look at her, and when he recognized that she was Roxanne’s assistant, he reined in his temper.

“Have someone from the research institute treat her.” Linda didn’t waste any time and promptly instructed a few researchers to treat Roxanne.

They were all competent in medicine and were more cautious once Lucian told them to investigate in the direction of a poisoning.

If that were true, the poisoning appeared to be critical, judging from Roxanne’s pallor. There was no telling what would happen if they dallied.

Everyone admired and respected Roxanne after the drug pricing incident and didn’t want such an unfortunate mishap to happen to a great doctor.

Furthermore, she had led the research institute to notable success after returning to the country. They performed another pulse check and found no conclusive results.

However, the paleness of Roxanne’s face indicated something was wrong. “We’re sorry, Mr. Farwell, but we have no idea what’s going on wit Dr. Jarvis,”

one of the senior researchers apologized regretfully. “Dr. Jarvis’ pulse doesn’t appear any different from that of a normal person, but her complexion says otherwise.”

Lucian gave him a cold look. “No sh*t, Sherlock! Would I summon you all if she were fine? Bunch of…” He swallowed the words “useless garbage” that had almost left his mouth.

No matter what, they were Roxanne’s co-workers at the research institute, and he still had to show them some level of decency.

“We’ll discuss further among ourselves,” one of them responded gruffly. They gathered and spoke in hushed tones before presenting their hypotheses.

“We can’t rule out poisoning as a possibility in Dr. Jarvis’ case, but we don’t know what caused it. Her pulse is normal. It’s as if she’s only sleeping.

Could she have been dosed with sleeping pills?” someone asked warily. Linda denied, “Dr. Jarvis’ complexion wouldn’t be so ashen if it were only sleeping pills.”

“Her lips are purple. Maybe the drug is affecting her heart,” someone interjected. Several experts refuted, “We have checked, and there’s nothing wrong with Mrs. Farwell’s heart.”

“Could it be… nerve anesthesia? But it shouldn’t cause her current complexion…” “Is the toxicity spreading in the blood?”

The researchers and medical experts clashed together in a heated debate, and any suggestion was promptly shot down by the other party.

Alas, no progress was made to diagnose Roxanne. “Mr. Farwell, do you know when Dr. Jarvis was poisoned?” someone suddenly inquired.

Silence fell over the room. Indeed, if Roxanne was poisoned, then the timing of when it happened was crucial.

Brows furrowing, Lucian rifled through his memory bank, remembering that she was fine before today.

However, she had only been in contact with Jonathan and people at the research institute today. No one would have had an opportunity to poison her.

So, when did Jack poison her? “Dr. Jarvis has a background in pharmacology. How could she have been unaware that she was poisoned?”

The researchers were perplexed. Lucian’s uneasiness grew as the conversation carried on. He rubbed his forehead after a long moment. “

You should all know this better than me. I’ll give you a day. I don’t care what you do, but make her regain consciousness.”

Everyone hastily agreed, not daring to object.

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