Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1627

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1627 – Worse “Mr. Farwell, should we let the specialists examine her once more?” the hospital director suggested

I don’t want to involve myself in this mess, but the man before me is the CEO of Farwell Group. I can’t afford to offend him.

At the same time, the doctors behind me are internationally renowned specialists. I can’t afford to anger them either!

With that in mind, the hospital director had to steel himself and be the peacemaker. As soon as those words fell, Lucian turned to glare at them.

The doctors shivered in fear and lowered their heads in silence. A few moments later, Lucian demanded coldly, “Check her body for poison!”

The hospital director and specialists were stunned when they heard that. Does Mr. Farwell think someone has poisoned his wife?

That’s a crime! In hindsight, that’s rather normal among rich people. The medical experts composed themselves and got to work.

Within a short while, most of the examination instruments in the hospital were sent to the ward. The results were out shortly after.

The experts were all exchanging glances with each other because none of them dared to report to Lucian.

“Are the results out?” Lucian was livid because he saw them standing idly and keeping mum. Only then did the experts hand the reports to a younger member of the team.

“M-Mr. Farwell, we’ve already gone through all the tests. There’s nothing wrong with Mrs. Farwell.” The young expert then lowered his head nervously.

Lucian clenched his fists so tightly that his veins were bulging from underneath his skin. Nothing has changed!

If they can’t detect any poison in Roxanne’s body, what on earth is wrong with her? What did Jack do to her?

Something suddenly came to that young expert’s mind, so he uttered cautiously, “The Damaris family is a prestigious family involved in the traditional medical field. Perhaps a traditional medicine practitioner can figure out what’s going on here…”

Everyone had heard the conversation Lucian had with Jack. Since the ward was so quiet, they could even hear Jack’s voice loud and clear.

Besides, Lucian had made it clear when he was on the phone with Jack. That was how the experts knew the Damaris family was involved.

Perhaps a traditional medicine practitioner could find a breakthrough. A dubious look appeared in Lucian’s eyes when he heard that.

In the end, he ordered, “Bring the researchers from the research institute here.”

The hospital director agreed without hesitation and sent his men to the research institute. If traditional medicine works, I’m going to be free from this.

The distance between the research institute and the hospital was a mere ten minutes car ride. However, the people in the ward felt as though it lasted centuries.

After a long wait, a few traditional medicine researchers finally arrived in their white coats, carrying withthem the bitter scent of herbs.

Linda was leading the group, and her heart sank when she saw the person on the hospital bed.

Ever since she returned to the country, she became the contact person at the research institute.

Early that morning, she had already received a phone call from the hospital before she went to work.

When she heard something had happened to Roxanne, Linda immediately contacted all the researchers and brought them to the hospital.

She had seen how sick Roxanne looked when she was getting off work yesterday. Since Lucian had decided to contact the other people at the research institute, she knew Roxanne’s condition had to be bad. However, she didn’t expect Roxanne to be in such a dire situation.

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