Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1629

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1629 – Want To Talk To Mommy The next day at the Farwell residence, the kids woke up and were worried when they found out their parents didn’t come home last night.

“Archie, let’s call Mommy’s phone!” Benny nudged his brother’s arm. Unease had been churning in the pit of the kids’ stomachs ever since coming home from school yesterday.

They recalled the last time something happened to Roxanne and were concerned when they didn’t hear back from Lucian and her.

Archie nodded with a frown, dialing Roxanne’s number. Benny’s face fell when the dial tone went on for a long while. “

What if something bad happened to Mommy…” “No, Mr. Lawson said Mommy is away on a business trip.

Maybe she’s traveling and can’t answer the phone,” Archie reassured. “How about we try Daddy’s phone? Why didn’t he come home either?”

Benny’s face crumpled as he nodded, and Archie called Lucian. In the hospital, Lucian saw Roxanne’s phone light up with a call from the kids and glanced at her laying still in the hospital bed.

He pondered for a moment and didn’t answer the phone in the end, instead letting it ring until it stopped. “Wake up. The kids are worried about you.”

He grazed his fingertips over her pale cheek, which didn’t garner a response. Lucian’s phone started ringing a while later.

He fished it out to see it was a call from the kids. His brows knitted, and he fought the heavy emotions before answering neutrally, “What is it, Archie?”

Hearing their father’s voice sounding like normal alleviated the kids’ worry. Benny and Estella crowded forward before Archie could respond.

“Where’s Mommy? I want to talk to Mommy,” the little girl said plaintively. Lucian looked at Roxanne in bed, his gaze darkening. “

She’s on a business trip and isn’t with me now. Didn’t Mr. Lawson tell you that?” “But Mommy didn’t answer her phone when we called.” Estella pouted.

His gaze fell to Roxanne’s phone on the nightstand, and he turned it off before saying, “Mommy is very busy. She will call you back when she’s done.

You shouldn’t keep calling and disturbing her.” The kids nodded reluctantly. “Okay, we got it.” Lucian sighed in relief at their compliance.

I won’t be able to keep up with the lie if they continue their interrogation. “When will you be back, Daddy?” Benny asked cautiously.

They had grown accustomed to having Lucian and Roxanne at home in the evenings and couldn’t adjust to the abrupt change of their parents’ absence.

The undertone of hurt in their voices wrung Lucian’s heart, and he softened his tone. “Something came up, and I’m a little busy now.

I probably won’t be home today. Be good and listen to Catalina. I’ll bring snacks when I go home.” Mommy is away, and so is Daddy…

The kids sat on the couch, feeling somewhat despondent. They didn’t want to disturb Lucian and Roxanne’s work, so they had no choice but to agree.

Benny requested without missing a beat, “Then I want desserts from the restaurant we visited last time!”

The weight in Lucian’s heart lifted at the boy’s innocent tone, and he agreed in a gravelly voice.

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