Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1601

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1601 – Come Back So Late Estella came out after washing her face and saw Archie and Benny standing still in the living room. “Has Grandma left?” she asked in a baffled tone.

Archie and Benny returned to their senses and composed themselves. However, they still looked dejected when they nodded at her.
Seeing the expressions on her brothers’ faces, Estella approached them with a straight face. “Did Grandma say something harsh to your guys again?”

Estella could tell Archie and Benny were unhappy. Archie smiled at her and said, “No. She merely told me to take good care of you.” He then changed the topic. “It’s late. Why aren’t Daddy and Mommy back yet?”

Estella got distracted and stared at the main entrance the moment Archie mentioned their parents. When Catalina was done preparing dinner, she noticed the kids weren’t as cheerful and lively as usual.

At that moment, they were all sitting on the couch listlessly and staring at the main entrance “Mr. Archie, Mr. Benny, Ms. Estella, dinner is ready.

Are you guys hungry? Would you guys like to eat first?” Catalina asked softly when she saw how moody the kids were.

The kids shook their heads in unison. “We’re not hungry. We’ll wait for Daddy and Mommy to have dinner together!” Archie said.

Catalina didn’t try to persuade them anymore when she heard that. She sat down and waited with them, at the same time hoping that Lucian and Roxanne would return soon.

At around seven that evening, they finally heard some noises coming from outside the mansion. Catalina quickly glanced at the kids.

The three children rose to their feet and ran toward the entrance to open the door. They saw Lucian opening the door to the passenger seat after getting out of the car.

Roxanne alighted from the vehicle, and the couple shared a kiss. When Roxanne turned around and saw the kids staring back at her from the entrance, she immediately halted in her tracks.

Although that wasn’t the first time the kids saw them kissing, she was still slightly embarrassed. She turned and glanced at Lucian reproachfully.

Seeing that, Lucian smiled innocently and said, “I didn’t see them there…” sually, the kids would have waited for them inside. Neither of them expected the kids to come out of the house that evening.

“Why are you guys so eager to see us today?” Lucian knew Roxanne was embarrassed, so he quickly stepped forward and stood in front of her.

The kids were all feeling dejected and aggrieved. They had wanted to seek comfort from their parents.

When they finally saw their parents, however, they couldn’t bear to make them worry. Both Estella and Benny didn’t know how to answer Lucian’s question, so they turned to look at Archie.

Archie steeled himself and said, “Daddy, why did you and Mommy come back so late? We’ve been waiting for so long!”

Lucian patted their heads and replied, “We’ve been busy the past couple of days. We’ll bring you guys out when we’re free.”

The kids couldn’t help but recall what had happened that afternoon. Although they weren’t in the mood, they pulled themselves together and hummed in acknowledgment.

Sensing something was wrong, Lucian frowned and asked, “What’s the matter? Don’t you guys want to go out and have fun?

Are you guys feeling unwell?” Roxanne noticed their strange behaviors as well, and she approached them caringly.

Not knowing what to say in response, the kids exchanged glances with each other.

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