Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1602

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1602 – The Kids Had Lied To Him Catalina took a glance at the three children as he approached Lucian and explained, “Mrs. Farwell came this afternoon and took Ms. Estella, Mr. Benny, and Mr. Archie out to play.

They must be exhausted from all the fun they had.” Initially, the boys did not plan to talk about it. Since Catalina brought it up, they had no choice but to nod in agreement.

The news left Roxanne totally flabbergasted. Sonya took them out to play? She has never liked Archie and Benny. If she wanted anyone to have fun, it
would have been Essie only! Why did she include the boys too? Moreover, the boys obviously don’t look happy.

Frowning, she wanted to pursue the matter further but hesitated. I’d put Lucian in a difficult spot if I continued to ask about Sonya.

At that thought, Roxanne changed the topic. She tousled the kids’ hair and said, “If you’re feeling tired, go have your dinner now and go to bed early.”
She led the children to the dining table after washing their hands.

She was so surprised to see a table spread with all the children’s favorite food. Contrary to Roxanne’s bafflement, Lucian seemed unfazed.

“Where did Grandma bring you guys this afternoon? Did you have fun?” He was more interested in the kids’ outing.

The two boys exchanged glances when they heard the questions. Benny pressed his lips and refused to give a reply.

Archie, on the other hand, turned his head and was met with Lucian’s gaze. In the end, he replied, “Grandma took us to the amusement park and bought us ice cream. It was so yummy!”

Lucian looked at him in an attempt to determine if he was telling the truth. Archie plastered a smile on his face even though he felt aggrieved deep down.

He wanted to tell Lucian that Sonya had left them at the amusement park, but that would undoubtedly prompt his parents to confront his grandmother.

Considering how hard it was for the family to be together, Archie was reluctant to see the adults having a fallout over them.

We feel blissful for as long as we get to stay with Daddy and Mommy, and we don’t care whether Grandma likes us.

“Just the amusement park?” Lucian asked further. Archie was dumbfounded for several seconds. He did not expect Lucian to follow up with another question. He nodded diffidently.

“What did you do there? You boys and Essie enjoy completely different rides. I bet it was hard for Grandma to look after all of you.”

Lucian wa so persistent. Immediately, Archie and Benny looked at each other again.

Archie had no clue how to answer Lucian because all they did was take a stroll through the maze at the very beginning, and then spent the rest of the time waiting for Estella.

Lucian stared at the three of them and noticed all sorts of uncomfortable expressions on their faces.

“Um…” Archie steeled himself and turned his head, avoiding Lucian’s piercing gaze. “Grandma requested help from the staff to accompany Benny and me. We went to see the pirates and the dwarves, while

randma brought Essie to see the princesses.” Those were the characters they saw when walking around. The boys remembered the names, but they had
no idea what the rides were all about.

Luckily, Lucian did not ask for any details. Truth be told, he could tell that the kids had lied to him.

Otherwise, the person who volunteered to speak would not have been Archie. The boys had very distinctive characteristics.

If they were happy, Benny would be the first one to tell him everything even before he had a chance to ask.

The fact that Benny had been silent and had made Archie bite the bullet for the team, Lucian knew that Benny was hiding something.

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