Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1600

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1600 – Manners “Grandma told me she called you guys, but neither of you picked up…”

Estella was visibly upset. Archie and Benny shot Sonya a dubious glance when they heard those words. Since when did Grandma call us?

As a matter of fact, we were the ones calling Essie. However, the calls we made were all unsuccessful.

The boys couldn’t bear to spill the truth when they saw how red Estella’s eyes were. They backed Sonya up, saying, “Our watches died, so we came home to charge them.”

With that, the boys shot Sonya a look. Sonya had been worried that the boys would expose her. She was surprised to see them backing her up, but she quickly calmed herself down.

Those boys said that just to please me! Well, I’m not so easily pleased! Sonya approached Estella and said, “All right, now, since you’re already home and you’ve seen them, go wash up. You have tears all over your face!”

Estella looked at Archie and Benny aggrievedly. Grandma must have something to say to us. Archie and Benny shared a glance and nodded.

“Daddy and Mommy are coming home soon. They’re going to get worried if they see you in this state.” Only then did Estella go to the bathroom reluctantly.

Sonya glared at Catalina. Catalina was worried about Archie and Benny, but she was in no place to go against Sonya. She had no choice but to walk away helplessly.

Just like that, Sonya and the boys were the only ones left in the living room. Archie shielded Benny and raised his gaze toward the person before their

Sonya, on the other hand, looked down at the boys when she uttered patronizingly, “Did you think you could gain my approval by pleasing me?

No matter what you say, you’re still not a part of the Farwell family. I’ll never allow you guys into the family!”

Archie frowned and retorted in a cute voice, “I think you’ve got it wrong. We were merely comforting Essie. We weren’t speaking up for you!”

Sonya’s expression changed drastically. She was so angry that she almost reached out to pull Archie’s ear. “How dare you argue with me?

You boys have no manners at all!” Upon hearing those harsh words, Benny couldn’t help but argue, “If we had manners, would you accept us?”

Sonya let out a chuckle in exasperation. “Didn’t you say you guys weren’t trying to please me? I don’t care how well-behaved or outstanding you are.

As long as you aren’t Lucian’s children, I’ll never consider you a part of the Farwell family!”

With that, she put on a cold expression and warned, “You’re planning to tell Lucian and Roxanne about this, aren’t you? Go on! I don’t care!

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to chase you guys and your mommy out of the Farwell family!”

Indeed, Sonya had been holding her frustration in. If these two b*stards were to tell Lucian about it, Lucian would definitely look for me.

If that happens, I’m going to use the opportunity to chase the three of them out!

What Sonya said was loud and clear. She was adamant about not accepting the boys if they weren’t Lucian’s. Benny felt sorrowful upon hearing that.

“How are you so sure we’re not his children? What if we are?” Sonya’s expression changed as she sized up the boys.

A while later, she said harshly, “Dream on! That’s impossible! Lucian only has one child, and that’s Essie!” With that, Sonya left unhappily.

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