Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1599

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1599 – They Could Not Have Gotten Lost After reassuring Catalina, Archie and Benny hurried up the stairs and went into their room.

Archie was anxiously calling Estella on her smartwatch while Benny was trying to locate Estella on his laptop.

Prior to that, he had already modified Estella’s watch, so it had an additional tracking function. That was why he could track her watch on his laptop.

Archie couldn’t get through to Estella, so he turned to ask Benny, “How is it going? Have you tracked her down?”

Benny was frowning and sweating bullets. A while later, he slammed the keyboard and yelled, “I found her!”

Archie stared at the screen and saw a green dot moving around. “Where is this?” he asked in confusion.

Moments prior, not only did Benny find Estella’s location, but he had also confirmed the place she was at.

Upon hearing Archie’s question, Benny immediately answered, “She’s in a mall nearby the amusement park. It seems that Essie has been there the entire afternoon.”

Archie nodded. “If she’s in a mall, I think she’s just shopping.” Archie and Benny couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

The mall and the amusement park are so near to each other. According to the tracker, we know what time they arrived at the mall.

In fact, they were there shortly after splitting up with us. In other words, Grandma brought Essie to the mall just to get away from us.

Does Grandma dislike us so much? Seeing that the green dot on the screen was still moving around, Archie suppressed his disappointment and said to Benny, “Keep an eye on the screen.

If Essie’s location changes, we’ll call Grandma immediately.” Archie was worried that Sonya would bring Estella back to the Farwell main residence just to keep them apart.

Benny nodded and hummed in agreement. The two boys then stared at the screen intently.

Less than half an hour later, the green dot on the screen suddenly moved away from the mall. Archie and Benny grew anxious.

Benny then worked on his laptop to confirm the direction in which the green dot was moving.

Both the boys finally felt at ease when they saw Sonya and Estella moving toward the Farwell residence.

After shutting down the laptop, they ran downstairs to wait. Soon, they saw Sonya carrying Estella into the mansion. The driver was walking in behind them with bags of goods in his hands.

“See! They’re here, aren’t they? Stop crying already. I told you they couldn’t have gotten lost!” Sonya said to Estella irritably.

Evidently, Estella had been crying the entire time when they were in the mall. Sonya was infuriated because even though she had been buying Estella things to coax her, it didn’t work.

Everyone in the mall had been looking at Sonya as though she were a kidnapper. Left without a choice, she had to bring Estella home.

The second Estella saw Archie and Benny, she broke free from Sonya’s grip and dashed toward them.

Needless to say, the boys were heartbroken when they saw Estella crying. “Stop crying, Essie. We’re fine.”

“I want to be with you guys. I didn’t want to go to the mall! You guys weren’t in the mall!” Estella choked out.

Sonya paled when she heard Estella saying those words. Archie and Benny felt bad, but they could only try their best to comfort Estella. “

We were wrong. We shouldn’t have left you alone, Essie. From now on, we’ll bring you along wherever we go, okay?”

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