Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1598

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1598 – Benny was hesitant. “Are we really not going to tell Mommy? What if Essie gets lost?”

Archie furrowed his brows and answered, “Mommy hasn’t been in a good mood over the past couple of days.

If she finds out about it, she’s going to be even more upset. Let’s not make her worry and go home first!”

Upon listening to those words, Benny thought about how Roxanne had been over the past few days and nodded solemnly.

The boys held hands and left the amusement park to hail a taxi. The taxi driver felt concerned when he saw two children hailing for a taxi.

“Why are you kids on your own? Are you guys lost? Do you need me to call the police?”

Archie shook his head. “We came out on our own! Our mommy is waiting for us at home. Please send us back, Sir!”

The driver doubted those words, but he couldn’t bear to leave the kids by the side of the road, so he let them get into the car.

The driver only felt more at ease and stepped on the gas after the kids told him their address accurately.

The Farwell residence was quite a distance away from the amusement park. Since the driver was driving two children, he drove slowly and carefully to the Farwell residence.

By the time they arrived at their destination, it was already past four in the afternoon. The car slowly rolled to a stop at the Farwell residence entrance, and the driver was stunned when he saw the luxurious building before his eyes.

If the family is so rich, how can they let their kids roam around on their own? Aren’t parents afraid that someone might kidnap their children?

“Sir, please wait a moment. I’ll head in to get money!” Archie said in a childish voice. The driver jolted out of his thoughts and flashed a friendly smile.

That’s not necessary. I don’t take money from children. Hurry up and go in. Your parents must be worried sick.” Obviously, Archie wouldn’t agree.

He patted Benny’s shoulder and said, “Go and get some cash from Ms. Catalina. I’ll wait for you in the car.”

“Okay.” Benny got out of the car and ran toward the entrance of the manor to ring the doorbell. Catalina quickly answered the video call.

Benny told her what was going on, and Catalina hung up the phone and brought out some cash.

Catalina noticed that the boys were on their own when she was paying the driver. Upon thanking the driver,

she wanted to pay the driver more money, but the driver refused. Catalina had no choice but to send the driver off after thanking him once again.

When she brought Archie and Benny in, she asked, “Why are you boys on your own? Where are Mrs. Farwell and Ms. Estella?

Catalina checked the boys’ bodies for injuries as she spoke. Archie and Benny lifted their arms obediently into the air to let her examine their bodies.

However, none of the boys knew how to answer Catalina when she asked about Sonya and Estella.

Catalina breathed a sigh of relief after making sure the boys hadn’t suffered any injuries. “Why are you boys keeping mum?

Did Mrs. Farwell say something mean to you boys again?” Catalina knew how badly Sonya treated Archie and Benny.

She was worried that Sonya had reprimanded them and told them to go home on their own. Archie and Benny shared a look.

Neither of them wanted things to escalate, so they shook their heads and answered, “No. We got tired, so we decided to head home first.”

Catalina stared at them suspiciously for a few seconds. The boys were smiling so innocently that they seemed as though they were telling the truth.

Although Catalina could tell something was amiss, she knew she couldn’t get more information out of them.

She let the matter slide and asked, “What would you boys want for dinner? I’ll cook!” The boys named a list of dishes in their piping voices in response. Catalina agreed readily with a smile.

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