Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1597

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1597 – Let Us Not Wait Anymore Sonya brought Estella to meet a few of the princess characters.

However, the latter was distracted and kept asking to return to Archie and Benny.

The older woman seethed with anger at the sight of the teary-eyed little girl. “If you don’t like this, we can go.” She pretended to stroke Estella’s head lovingly before turning and walking toward the exit.

Thinking Sonya was finally taking her to Archie and Benny, Estella stopped crying. However, they had gone halfway when she realized they were not going the right way. Instead, she could see the amusement park exit ahead of her.

“No! I want to find Archie and Benny! You’re evil, Grandma! I don’t want you anymore!” Estella wailed, struggling to free herself from Sonya’s arms.

Sonya held her in a vice-like grip and said in a brusque tone, “What are you talking about? Ever since Roxanne and those two little b*stards showed up, you’ve been hanging around them all the time.

I think you’ve almost forgotten you’re a member of the Farwell family, and now you’re even saying that you don’t want me anymore!

They must’ve taught you that. Well, you have to stay with me today!” She strode toward the exit while carrying Estella, and within just a few minutes, the pair had left the amusement park.

Watching the widening distance between them and the park entrance, Estella sobbed until she had barely any energy left.

She was exhausted by the time Sonya carried her into the car. When the driver saw that only Sonya and Estella had returned, he asked cautiously, “Mrs. Farwell, what about the other two—” “Drive to the nearest shopping mall,” she instructed icily as though she had not heard him speak.

The driver knew better than to refuse when he noticed her stormy mood and started driving.

Throughout the car journey, Estella continued sobbing quietly. Archie and Benny waited for Estella and Sonya inside the amusement park. When neither returned for the brothers, Benny suggested they look for them.

They circled the entire park but saw no sign of Estella or Sonya. They started feeling a little anxious. “Do you think something happened to Essie?”

Benny asked, looking at his older brother nervously. I got lost before, but I’m much braver than Essie. If she gets lost, she’ll surely cry buckets.

Archie was worried too, but he tried to stay calm and think of a solution. A few seconds later, he used his smartwatch to call Essie.

He tried a few times, but alas, there was no answer. That made Benny even more uneasy. “Quick, let’s tell Mommy!”

Archie mulled over the matter for a while, then gave Benny a reassuring look. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Essie is with Grandma, and we can’t find either of them now.

So, maybe…” He could not bring himself to finish his sentence. However, Benny had already guessed what he wanted tosay and asked dejectedly, “Did Grandma leave with Essie?”

Although Archie made no response, the answer was clear from his facial expression. He, too, guessed that was most probably what had happened.

She doesn’t like us, so she took Essie elsewhere and left us here. “Why does she dislike us so much?” Benny mumbled under his breath.

Archie could not help sighing inwardly. I know how she feels about us, but I never thought she’d go so far as to abandon us at an amusement park and leave without us. Isn’t she worried something might happen to us?

The thought upset him for a while. Then, he forced himself to perk up and took Benny’s hand. “Let’s not wait anymore and head back. Maybe Grandma has already gone home with Essie.”

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