Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1596

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1596 – Wait For Archie And Benny Upon noticing that Estella was about to burst into tears and seeing the crowds of people around them, Sonya had no choice but to give in and carry the little girl to the entrance to wait.

After half an hour, they finally saw the two boys in the line. Archie! Benny!” Estella quickly ran over to them, worry etched across her small face. “

hy did you come in so late?” They looked at each other. Then Archie answered in a comforting tone, “We just accidentally fell behind, and it took us a while to find you guys.”

Hearing that, Estella sniffled and clasped their hands. “We’ll hold hands. That way, we won’t lose each other.”

Archie and Benny did not refuse but merely glanced at Sonya, who was standing some distance away.

Her expression shifted immediately. I wasn’t planning on bringing those two little b*stards along. However, seeing that they’re rather perceptive and can take a hint, I don’t mind letting them join in for a while. Even so, they have to keep their distance from Essie!

Since they were already inside one of the attractions, Sonya did not protest and allowed the three children to walk together.

Once they exited the attraction, she picked Estella up in her arms and said in a doting tone, “I’ll take you to see the princesses. Would you like that?”
Estella nodded and said innocently, “I’m a little princess too!”

Tickled by her granddaughter’s reply, Sonya chuckled and scratched her nose. “That’s right. You’re a little princess. Now, we’re going to meet the older

With that, she carried Estella toward the next attraction, leaving the boys far behind them. Estella slowly pulled a long face. “Archie and Benny! Grandma, wait for them!”

Sonya was forced to slacken her pace and wait for a while. After Archie and Benny caught up to them, she leaned down and asked, “I’m taking Essie to see the princesses.

You two boys wouldn’t be interested in that, right?” She did not give them time to respond and quickly continued, “Run along elsewhere to play.

I’ve upgraded your tickets, so you won’t need to line up. You can play whatever you want without having to wait.”

“In that case, I don’t want to go and see the princesses either! I want to play with Archie and Benny. Put me down, Grandma,” Estella eclared, squirming in Sonya’s arms.

Having learned her lesson after what happened earlier, Sonya held Estella tightly, not giving the latter a chance to break free.

“That’s enough, Essie. Archie and Benny aren’t interested in meeting the princesses, so I’ll go with you. Let them have fun by themselves.

That only made Estella kick up an even bigger fuss. Others around them started glancing in their direction, thinking Sonya was up to no good.

She stared back at them fiercely, then glared at Archie and Benny. “What are you still doing here? You can go home if you don’t want to play.”

The two boys knew that Sonya despised them. Seeing that Estella was on the verge of tears, they could only say reassuringly, “Don’t cry, Essie.

We’re going on the roller coaster and will come to look for you in a bit.” Archie wiped away Estella’s tears, took Benny’s hand, and waved at her.

Carrying Estella in her arms, Sonya walked away without a backward glance while Archie and Benny remained where they were.

Benny felt worried and disappointed as he watched Sonya and Estella leave. “Archie, do you think Essie will cry later? What if she cries a lot?

Shall we secretly follow them?” Furrowing his brows, Archie shook his head. “Grandma will calm her down. If she finds us following them, it’ll only make her even angrier.”

Then he turned to look at his younger brother. “Do you feel like going on any ride?” Benny responded with a shake of his head.

I didn’t even want to come out today. I only came here with them to accompany Essie. “We’ll just wait here for Essie to get back, then,” Archie replied.

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