Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1595

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1595 – What If Archie And Benny Got Lost Estella sniffled and blinked back her tears, flashing a smile at Archie and Benny that spread upward to light her eyes. Seeing Estella happy made them a little bitter.

They knew that Sonya wasn’t fond of them and that she might ruin their fun even if she let them tag along.

However, they would acquiesce because it was what Estella wanted. Archie and Benny shared a look and managed a smile to pacify her. “All right, let’s go together! Stop crying already.”

Estella nodded fervently. “I’m not crying. I’m very happy! The amusement park is going to be so fun!” Sonya came over to lead her away. Estella didn’t shy away from her this time, only occasionally glancing over her shoulder at Archie and Benny.

“What are you looking at?” Sonya asked, her eyes downcast. Estella grumbled unhappily, “Slow down, Grandma! Wait for my brothers.”

Sonya’s expression hardened, her grip around Estella’s hand tightening. “Watch what you’re saying. They’re not your brothers. You have no siblings.”

Estella pursed her lips, unhappiness stamped all over her face. “You’re lying, Grandma! I want to be with Archie and Benny!”

She struggled out of Sonya’s grasp and tried to go toward them. Sonya kept a lid on her disgust, temporarily tolerating Estella’s tantrums.

“Okay, I was wrong. They’re your brothers,” she said and hugged Estella, afraid that Estella would run away.

Archie and Benny were a few steps behind them and overheard the entire conversation. They lowered their gazes, disappointed that Sonya didn’t want them to be Estella’s brothers.

Sonya had the driver take them to the amusement park and guided them in. She only had two tickets, so she bought two more for Archie and Benny at the entrance.

The kids didn’t realize four of the tickets were different. Sonya and Estella entered the attractions without a hitch when they were inside the amusement park, but Archie and Benny were stopped by an attendant. “Kids, you need to queue up!”

Archie and Benny were bewildered and pointed at Sonya. “We’re with that grandma.” The attendant checked their tickets again and was similarly perplexed. “They’re VIPs. Both of you have regular tickets and will need to wait in line.”

Archie and Benny understood and took their tickets, obediently going to the back of the line. Estella realized her brothers weren’t with her in the maze and shook Sonya’s hand anxiously. “Grandma, where are Archie and Benny?”

“They’re probably still outside. Maybe they don’t like this attraction and went to another one. The park is very safe. They won’t go missing,” she replied, unperturbed.

Then, her eyes went to the crowd queueing up outside. It’s peak season, and the queue is long. I hope those two take their time waiting in line!

Just as she led Estella in, Estella wriggled free from her grasp. The girl ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. “I’m going to find Archie and Benny!”

Sonya chased after her and wrapped her arms around her, preventing her escape. “They will look for you soon.

Be a good girl, and you’ll have so much fun.” Estella searched the milling throng of visitors at the entrance, but she couldn’t locate the boys.

Her eyes reddened in agitation, and tears laced her voice as she said, “I want to be with Archie and Benny…”

What if Archie and Benny got lost in the crowd? Daddy and Mommy will be very worried!

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