Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1594

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1594 – Invite Archie And Benny Meanwhile, Sonya hadn’t heard from her son or granddaughter for a few days after leaving the Farwell residence.

The more she thought about it, the more her unease grew. On a random weekend, she decided to visit the manor.

Roxanne was working overtime at the research institute, searching for a new medicinal herb supplier to replace Damaris Group, while Lucian was also working late.

Only Catalina was at the manor looking after Estella, Benny, and Archie. “Mrs. Farwell,” Catalina addressed Sonya respectfully and flicked a worried glance at the kids. She knew Sonya didn’t like Archie and Benny.

Now that Mr. Farwell isn’t together with Ms. Jarvis, I wonder what Mrs. Farwell will do to put the kids on the spot…

Sonya’s cold gaze skated across Catalina before landing on Estella. She ignored Archie and Benny, who were standing next to the girl.

“Do you miss me, Essie? Come, give me a hug.” She spread her arms. Estella didn’t budge and had no intentions to approach her.

Sonya’s expression sank, and she continued, “I’ll bring you out for some delicious food. Do you want to eat something yummy?”

Estella stood timidly beside the boys, clutching the hem of Archie’s sleeve, unwilling to go closer.

Irritation flashed in Sonya’s eyes at Estella’s dependence on the boys. She wanted to snatch Estella in her embrace but was afraid it would backfire.

“I’ll take you to eat lots of tasty food and buy many toys, okay? I remember you liked the ice cream from that particular shop.”

She stifled the urge and clung to her last strand of patience, pasting a warm smile on her face.

Estella’s eyes twinkled when Sonya mentioned ice cream, and she craned her neck to look at Archie and Benny.

I want ice cream, but… I also want to be with Archie and Benny. Sonya seethed with anger when Estella had to seek their permission for something as simple as going out for ice cream.

She did, however, want Estella to behave, so she leashed her emotions and pulled out two tickets to the amusement park. “I bought tickets to the amusement park. Haven’t you always wanted to go?”

Estella wavered and stared at the tickets in her hand. She eventually shook her head after much deliberation. “No, Daddy and Mommy will take us there.”

Sonya got upset. “They’re both quite busy, and we don’t know when they will be free to take you there. I can take you there now since this is the best time to visit. You will have to wait until next year if you miss it.”

Estella’s expression started showing signs of giving in. Archie and Benny said to her, “You can go if you want to. Daddy arranged a series of classes for us to
study at home.” Estella shook her head and pouted. “I want to go with both of you…”

She was still a little afraid of Sonya and didn’t want to be separated from Archie and Benny. Sonya furrowed her brows, tucked away the tickets, and said regretfully, “I’ll give them to other kids if you don’t want to go.”

Then she pivoted on her heels and left. “Grandma!” Estella hurriedly called out. Sonya’s plan succeeded. She stopped in her tracks and turned toward Estella.

“I want to go…” She was on the verge of tears. “But can I also invite Archie and Benny?”

Sonya gave both of them the stink eye and was about to refuse, but she couldn’t bear the thought of turning down her granddaughter with her reddened, watery eyes. She eventually caved in. “They can come if you don’t cry.”

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