Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1593

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1593 – Bar Hostess An hour had passed, and Aubree lay on the bed, numb and tearful, with hickeys covering her body. The man lay beside her, naked and smug.

I have to say, this young lady is different from the prostitutes I’ve slept with. She’s so fair and flawless and even smells great. It would be such a shame to only sleep with her once.

With that, he sat up and turned to face Aubree. Aubree felt his gaze on her and returned it with a hateful glare, her face stained with tears. She wished she could tear him apart.

“Don’t give me that look. You won’t be marrying into some rich family anymore, so why not let me take advantage of you?

You must realize I’m the only one who can help you now since you’re all alone in a foreign country. I can even make sure you’re well-fed if you’re good.”

Aubree turned away in disdain and tightened her grip on the covers, desperately wanting to cover herself up.

However, her actions only provoked the man, who reached under the covers and touched her all over.

Despite feeling angry and disgusted, Aubree was too weak to fight against the man, especially after sleeping with him.

She was so feeble that it seemed as if she was simply playing hard to get. A few minutes later, the man got his way and started to enter her again.

Aubree bit her lip to prevent herself from moaning, her lips bleeding by the time the man finished and removed himself from her.

The man sneered as he forced Aubree’s mouth open. “You’re not bad, just a little feisty. I’ll just need to get someone to train you, and I’m sure we’ll be able to get a good price,” he commented callously.

Aubree’s face paled at his insult, and she lashed out, “Shut up, you b*stard! You’d better pray hard that I don’t make a comeback one day, or else I won’t let you off.”

The man merely shrugged indifferently, reminding her of her dire situation. “I think you should worry about yourself first before this.

You won’t have a single cent left after taking care of all these, right? Plus, it’s impossible for you to get in contact with your family in Chanaea since the Farwells are keeping a close eye on you.

You can only work as a server with that fake identity of yours even if you land a job, and the money you earn won’t even be enough to buy a tenth of your bag.”

Those words hit Aubree right in the gut, and she felt the color drain from her face as she realized the thought of living a broke life was unbearable.

“I have an idea to help you make more money. You can still earn tens of thousands a month,” the man drawled.

Aubree turned to face him, deciding to hear him out. The man continued, “You can become a bar hostess with that beauty of yours.

If you’re lucky, the tips alone will make you tens of thousands a month. I’ll be responsible for your safety. You just have to pay me onetenth of the money you earn. What do you think?”

A bar hostess? Aubree was filled with humiliation and disgust at the thought of becoming a bar hostess.

The man left her alone as he got off the bed with a satisfied smile and headed to the bathroom. He said to Aubree, “This is your only chance to make some good money.

Who knows, you might even find yourself a sugar daddy at the bar if you’re lucky! You’ve already slept with me anyway.

There’s not much difference in becoming a bar hostess after all this.” Aubree stared at him with cold determination and reluctantly agreed to his proposal, “Fine. I’ll do it!”

She knew what was in store for her, but she needed to survive so that she could make a comeback and have her revenge in the future.

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