Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1592

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1592 – Betray Her Own Body The man chuckled. “Goodness, I’m telling you the truth.

In the end, we’re just working for someone else. Why would I want to con you?”

Before Aubree could respond, the man, his voice colder, went on, “But even if I did con you, would you turn me in to the police? I doubt it.

The police in Chanaea would come for you, and you’d be detained and sent back to your country.”

Aubree’s face turned ashen as he threatened her, but she knew she couldn’t do anything about it. After all, she was in a strange land where no one knew her. To put it plainly, no one might even notice if she were to disappear or die here.

She didn’t dare report him to the police. “I don’t have that much money,” she replied through gritted teeth.

She had left the country with only five million. After her plastic surgery, making a new ID for herself, and renting a place to stay, she only had a few
hundred thousand left.

Moreover, she still had many things to settle on her end, and a few hundred thousand wouldn’t be enough.

There was no way she could come up with one million to pay the balance. The man arched a brow at her words and gave her a once-over.

Aubree tensed up. Her eyes were filled with disgust as she watched him warily. “You can pay with something else if you don’t have the money.”

The man paused as his gaze landed on her face. “Your real face looks better, but this is acceptable as well. Plus, you used to be the daughter of a rich
man. I’ve never slept with a rich man’s daughter before.”

He was making an obvious suggestion that she should pay with her body. Aubree’s face immediately darkened. “How dare you?”

“If you can’t settle the balance, then we’ll just have to take back the documents we used to create Christina.

Please look for someone else if you want to return to your home country, Ms. Pearson!” the man replied confidently without putting pressure on her.

With that, he reached out for the ID in her hand. Needless to say, Aubree refused to hand it over.

She had spent half of the money she brought to create this identity for herself. She would lose everything if they took it back, and she would have no more money to disguise herself.

“It’s fine. You can keep it. It’s just a few pieces of paper. The important stuff is on our computers. We can destroy it whenever we please,” the man said arrogantly.

He was already all over her as he spoke. Aubree’s face shifted palpably as she balled her hands into fists. She looked as if she might slap the man
at any moment.

The man wasn’t afraid of her in the slightest. He placed a hand on her waist and slowly moved it over to her breasts.

“I’ve seen that photo of yours from Chanaea, Ms. Pearson. You’re not some pure, chaste girl, so don’t play the virgin card with me.

Just let me sleep with you, and we won’t owe each other anything.” Aubree felt numb as she stood there, rooted to the spot.

The man pulled her into his embrace and started groping her. He smiled in delight when he noticed she wasn’t fighting him anymore.

He carried her up, bridal style, and threw her onto the bed. Tears streamed down Aubree’s face when she heard him removing his clothes.

Back then, no trash would have dared to hit on her. She used to be the girl who would kick their asses if they even dared to steal a glance at her.

But now, she was left with no choice; she couldn’t even defend herself against a mere thug. Nobody could help her. The only thing she could do now was to betray her own body.

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