Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1591

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1591 – One Million After hearing those words, Aubree finally got up and opened the door.

With an arm outstretched, she rudely said, “Give me the things, and you can leave now.” A lecherous-looking young man stood at the doorway, sizing her up.

is eyes lit up when he saw her face and figure. Aubree narrowed her eyes and urged him in displeasure, “Are you deaf? Hurry up and give it to me!”

“Ms. Pearson, I think there are some details I need to confirm with you.” He curled his lips into a malicious smile and waved the documents in his hand at her but showed no inclination to hand her the file.

Aubree’s facial expression turned grim. “We can speak here.” Someone as lowly as he is not qualified to enter my room.

That man’s eyes glinted coldly when he took in the apparent disdainful look on her face. The next second, he stepped forward and pulled the door open.

Naturally, Aubree’s strength was no match for him. She was almost dragged out of the room following the outward swing of the door.

“What are you doing?” She glared at that man. He had already stridden past her and swaggered into the room.

“Ms. Pearson, I know you used to be the daughter of the Pearson family and look down on hooligans like us.

However, you need to understand our statuses are almost the same now. You’ll need my help to deal with plenty of matters now that you’re living abroad.”

Right after saying that, he sat down on her bed. Aubree’s room was pitifully small. Her room had only a bed, and not even a couch was available.

She became more exasperated when she saw he had the audacity to sit on her bed. “Get up!”

Unfazed, he took out some identification documents from the file and started elaborating while disregarding Aubree’s furious remark, “From now on, you’re no longer a member of the Pearson family.

Your name is Christina Patel, and these are your identification documents and introduction to your background.

You can go through the details when you’re free.” Christina Patel. Aubree’s expression stiffened. She strode up to that man, snatched the identification
documents from him, and browsed through the content.

Her scowl intensified when she saw the picture and name on the ID card. Roxanne! This is all that btch’s fault! Not only have I lost my face, but I’m also prohibited from using my name.

“Btch! I’ll never let you off!” Aubree’s hand trembled continuously as she held the identification documents. Suddenly, she felt something on her waist.

Aubree immediately snapped back to her senses and warily stepped away from the bed. That man calmly got to his feet and approached her.

“I’ve put in a lot of effort to secure these identification documents. There will be some loose ends to deal with subsequently.

The money you previously paid is far from sufficient, so you’ll have to fork out another sum.” Aubree furrowed her brows after listening to that.

“Didn’t we come to an agreement in the past?” He clicked his tongue. “I didn’t expect you to commit such severe crimes in Chanaea and that the process
of handling your fake identity to be so significantly complicated.”

When she heard the mention of her wrongdoings in Chanaea, her expression changed. She was no longer as tough as before. “

How much more do you need?” He held up a finger in response. “One thousand?” she asked with a frown.

That man scoffed as if he had heard some kind of joke. “We’re overseas at the moment. What can I do with that small amount of money?

I’ll need at least one million!” Aubree widened her eyes. “You’re ripping me off!” I’ve given them two million previously.

I can’t believe he’s again asking for so much money from me! I don’t have any cash left.

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