Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1590

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1590 – Perfect Disguise Three days went by.

Wearing an icy-cold expression, Jack questioned his assistant, Kevin, “Is there still no update from Roxanne?”

Sensing his displeasure, Kevin nodded apprehensively. Jack’s countenance turned a few shades darker after he took in Kevin’s response.

Roxanne must’ve taken the initiative to meet up with me the other day because the medicinal herbs at the research institute are depleting.

They should’ve used up their stock by now after these few days. How can she remain so calm and not establish contact with me?

He sought confirmation from Kevin. “How’s the situation at their research institute now?”

“The factory has ceased operation and requested considerable compensation from them. The production for the new medicine has been entirely halted.”

“How long has it been?” Kevin thought momentarily before answering, “It’s been three days.” Three days.

Jack sat behind his desk while tapping the tabletop with his fingers. A pensive look spread across his face. Did Roxanne tell me the truth?

Have they found another medicinal herb supplier to collaborate with? He called to mind all the reputable medicinal herb suppliers.

Still, he couldn’t think of any supplier whose medicinal herbs’ quality was comparable to Damaris Group’s.

“Do you think they’ve found a medicinal herb supplier capable of replacing Damaris Group?” Jack shifted his gaze to Kevin.

The latter shook his head without hesitation. “That’s not possible unless they extend their search overseas.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a local company with a quality of medicinal herbs comparable to Damaris Group’s.”

His reply coincided with Jack’s thoughts. “In that case, how can they be so confident as not to initiate a follow-up discussion with us?”

Or did Roxanne successfully secure a medicinal herb supplier from abroad with the Farwell family’s help? But that’s not possible either.

Over a hundred medicinal herbs are required to manufacture this new medicine. Even if they managed to find a new supplier, there must be a few types of medicinal herbs that are exclusively owned by Damaris Group.

Damaris Group is Roxanne’s only viable partner! With that thought in his mind, Jack gradually relaxed his tense expression and curled his lips into a
confident smile.

Inside a dilapidated residential area in Hawen, Aubree carefully removed the bandages on her face. Placed before her was a mirror.

She shut her eyes and was reluctant to open them for a long while. Although that man had informed her before leaving the country that he would help her alter her appearance, she didn’t expect that to happen so soon.

She was taken away by someone to undergo plastic surgery almost immediately after her plane landed.

She would have to face a countenance entirely different from her previous look when she opened her eyes.

I have to endure all of these because of that b*tch, Roxanne! Aubree gnashed her teeth as intense hatred overwhelmed her.

It was only after an indeterminate time that she gradually opened her eyes. Aubree felt disgusted as she looked at her face in the mirror.

Her facial features now resembled those of a typical internet influencer she despised the most in the past.

She wasn’t ugly, but her appearance was no longer distinctive, and no one would realize she was Aubree Pearson.

Nevertheless, that was the perfect disguise for her at that instant. She touched her face while trying her best to convince herself to accept her current outward form.

She could only return to Horington to take her revenge with that face. While she was absorbed in bitterness and resentment, someone abru

tly knocked on the door. “Ms. Pearson, are you in there?” A man’s voice sounded outside. However, Aubree wasn’t in the mood to entertain him.

The knocks on the door grew louder. Evidently, the person outside was getting impatient. “My boss sent me here to deliver some things to you. Hurry up and open the door!”

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