Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1589

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1589 – A Heartwarming Sight Roxanne had been in a meeting the entire afternoon. Yet, there were still no leads.

She looked gloomy when she returned to the Farwell residence. “Mommy, why didn’t you pick us up in the afternoon?”

Lucian had picked the children up that day, and they had been asking for Roxanne the entire evening.

The second she returned, Benny immediately went to meet her at the door. His disappointment was written all over his face.

Seeing that, Roxanne forced a smile at them. “I was busy in the afternoon. I’ll pick you up once I’m done with my work.”

Lucian, who was observing them by the side, raised his brow. “Are you guys upset that I picked all of you up alone?

Or maybe you prefer Mr. Lawson more?” Upon hearing that, the children hurriedly hugged his thighs. “No! We don’t want Mr. Lawson.

We want you, Daddy!” “Run along and play, then,” said Lucian while patting their heads.

The children’s gazes shifted from Roxanne to Lucian. They could tell the adults had something to talk about, so they tactfully dispersed.

Lucian approached Roxanne and caressed her face. “Still no leads?” It was Roxanne’s first time feeling so disheartened.

She could not help but become clingy as she placed her forehead on his shoulder. “Yeah. I really don’t know what to do. I’m so tired.

I never knew negotiating businesses was so tiring.” Lucian pulled her into his arms and patted her back gently. “Don’t worry.

I’ve already asked Jonathan to contact all the medicinal herb suppliers in the country.” Roxanne smiled. “Thank you.”

Lucian lowered his eyes to meet her gaze. “Just don’t forget what you promised me.” When their eyes met, Roxanne could sense the sincerity and affection in his gaze. Immediately, she blushed and nodded with a smile.

Right then, Catalina had served dinner and called them to have their meal. The two ended their conversation and led the children to the dining table.

Alas, the thought of the medicines made Roxanne lose her appetite. Noting that, Lucian frowned and put down his fork halfway through his meal.

Everyone cast him a confused look. They watched him roll up his sleeves and enter the kitchen, leaving everyone bewildered.

Roxanne got up and said, “I’ll go take a look.” She entered the kitchen, only to find Lucian busy cooking at the stove.

A guess surfaced in her mind. Still, she asked softly, “What are you doing?” Lucian stopped what he was doing when he heard her voice and looked over.

“Why are you here?” “You left halfway through the meal, so I got worried,” answered Roxanne while making his way to him.

She was curious about what he was going to do. Lucian joked, “What are you worried about? That I’ll burn down the kitchen?”

Roxanne was stunned, but she laughed out loud in the next second. Lucian felt much more relieved seeing that He kissed her lips before explaining, “I noticed you didn’t have much of an appetite, so I’m making you some salad. Salads are appetizing.”

When he finished explaining what he was doing, he turned around and carried on with his work. “By the way, my cooking skills aren’t that great.

I’m sure you know about it. I’ll make sure to put less vinegar in it this time.” The thought of the dish he made in the past made Roxanne smile brighter.

They prepared the dish together while chatting softly. It was a heartwarming sight. Not long after, Lucian brought the salad out.

The three children, who had finished their meal, tactfully left the table to give the adults some privacy.

Roxanne was very kind by eating quite a large portion of the salad and even finishing the risotto.

After dinner, Lucian told her to get some rest while he stayed back to take care of the kids.

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