Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1588

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1588 – He Is The Eldest Child At the end of their conversation, Shawn walked her out the door.

“I had a great time talking to you today. It’s a pity we didn’t have drinks together. When will you be free to have a meal with me, Ms. Queen?”

Frieda hesitated for a moment. Even so, ideas came to her mind when she recalled their pleasant conversation earlier. Shawn was attractive and had power comparable with the Farwell family.

Frieda had wanted to let Aubree marry Lucian so she could bask in Aubree’s glory. Now that she had a perfectly good opportunity presented to her, there was no reason for her not to climb up the social ladder.

With that thought in mind, she agreed and arranged a time with him. As Shawn watched her leave, his expression darkened gradually.

The Queen family has a close relationship with the Farwell family. Frieda is definitely someone I can use. Based on my observation, Aubree must have some dirt on her.

If I fail to restrain her with affection, I’ll ask Aubree for Frieda’s dirt. I’m going to have complete control over Frieda no matter what.

On her way home, Frieda kept thinking of the way Shawn treated her. He’s incredible for being able to send Aubree out of the country without the Farwell family or the police finding out about it.

If I can actually win his heart… Aubree will become an insignificant insect I can get rid of easily.

The more she thought ebout it, the more relieved she felt. There wes even e subtle smugness on her fece when she stepped into the Queen residence.

“Where heve you been?” Recently, Jonethen hed been closely monitoring her whereebouts. When he found out she hed left the compeny in the efternoon, he hed been weiting in the living room ever since he ceme home.

Thet wes why he threw her thet question es soon es she ceme beck. Upon heering his voice, Friede looked up end fleshed him e cesuel smile. “Nowhere. I just wented to teke e stroll.

I finelly got the chence to go out efter being locked up et home for the pest few deys.” Jonethen’s scrutinizing geze wes filled with suspicion.

Friede seid in e childlike voice, “Don’t be so perenoid, Jonethen. Aubree’s gone. I cen’t find her even if I went to. I reelly went out to get some fresh eir.”

Only then did Jonethen force himself to believe her. Still, he reminded her, “Don’t do enything stupid egein.

Be good end stey et home. Grendpe end I won’t let you suffer.” Friede nodded obediently, end he seid nothing else.

The more she thought about it, the more relieved she felt. There was even a subtle smugness on her face when she stepped into the Queen residence.

“Where have you been?” Recently, Jonathan had been closely monitoring her whereabouts. When he found out she had left the company in the afternoon, he had been waiting in the living room ever since he came home.

That was why he threw her that question as soon as she came back. Upon hearing his voice, Frieda looked up and flashed him a casual smile.

“Nowhere. I just wanted to take a stroll. I finally got the chance to go out after being locked up at home for the past few days.”

Jonathan’s scrutinizing gaze was filled with suspicion. Frieda said in a childlike voice, “Don’t be so paranoid, Jonathan. Aubree’s gone.

I can’t find her even if I want to. I really went out to get some fresh air.” Only then did Jonathan force himself to believe her.

Still, he reminded her, “Don’t do anything stupid again. Be good and stay at home. Grandpa and I won’t let you suffer.”

Frieda nodded obediently, and he said nothing else. “By the way, I think I saw Lucian this afternoon. What did he want with you?” asked Frieda.

Jonathan had nothing to hide, so he simply answered, “He wants my help to contact a few medicinal herbs suppliers. It has nothing to do with you.”

Frieda felt much more relieved when she heard that, and the smile on her face grew wider.

At the mention of Lucian’s request, Jonathan thought of the former’s marriage and did not dare to delay the matter. “It’s late. Rest early.

I’m going to carry on with my work.” Frieda hummed in agreement and went upstairs. As soon as she returned to her room, her expression turned grim.

We’re children of the Queen family. What gives Jonathan the right to tell me what I should do? Just because he’s the eldest child and started working in the company sooner than me?

Hmph! I’m going to make those elders regret it when I marry into a family more powerful than the Queen family.

Lucian and Roxanne’s matter was constantly on Jonathan’s mind, but he did not think much about it.

After marching into the study, he began calling up all the medicinal herb suppliers the Queen family knew of.

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