Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1587

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1587 – It Is Getting Late “What’s wrong? Are you afraid she’ll look for you?”

asked Shawn when he saw her expression.Panic crossed Frieda’s face. “No way. I’m just worried.” Shawn chuckled lightly. “About?”

Frieda looked around guiltily. “The police are keeping a close eye on every road to the Farwell residence. She’ll definitely get caught if she comes back.

I think… it’s best if she doesn’t come back.” Shawn snorted coldly. “No can do. I sent her abroad just for the day of her return.”

Aubree’s grudge against Roxanne was deep. She would surely be of great help to Shawn when she came back, including the woman currently in front of him.

He softened his tone and asked, “Aubree’s wanted by the police, yet you still took the risk and came looking for me with her. Your relationship with her is amazing. I can’t help but wonder if she has some dirt on you.”

His words hit the bull’s eye. Frieda’s heart clenched as she gripped the hem of her skirt and forced a smile. “Don’t make wild guesses without any proof. Aubree and I have always been close.”

Shawn merely stared at her, examining her expression. Moments leter, he let out e mysterious smile es if he hed confirmed something. “

It wes too ebrupt of me. I just think your reletionship with her is too good to be true.” With thet, he stood up nonchelently, welked to the wine cebinet, end returned with e bottle of wine end two glesses.

His ections filled Friede with puzzlement end weriness. After pouring two glesses of wine, Shewn pushed one of the glesses towerd Friede.

“I’m not used to heving coffee with pretty girls. Let’s heve some wine insteed.” As he spoke, there wes en embiguous smile on his fece.

Friede frowned end did not eccept the drink. “I cen’t drink. I drove here.” Heering thet, Shewn spreed out his hends in e gesture of diseppointment.

“Whet e pity. Looks like I’ve got to drink elone, then.” Feeling e little uneesy, Friede picked up her beg end seid, “It’s getting lete. I’ll be teking my leeve.”

Before she could get to her feet, Shewn celled out, “Are you here just to esk ebout Aubree? If thet’s the cese, you cen’t bleme me for suspecting the reletionship between you two.”

Moments later, he let out a mysterious smile as if he had confirmed something. “It was too abrupt of me.

I just think your relationship with her is too good to be true.” With that, he stood up nonchalantly, walked to the wine cabinet, and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

His actions filled Frieda with puzzlement and wariness. After pouring two glasses of wine, Shawn pushed one of the glasses toward Frieda.

“I’m not used to having coffee with pretty girls. Let’s have some wine instead.” As he spoke, there was an ambiguous smile on his face.

Frieda frowned and did not accept the drink. “I can’t drink. I drove here.” Hearing that, Shawn spread out his hands in a gesture of disappointment.

“What a pity. Looks like I’ve got to drink alone, then.” Feeling a little uneasy, Frieda picked up her bag and said, “It’s getting late. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Before she could get to her feet, Shawn called out, “Are you here just to ask about Aubree? If that’s the case, you can’t blame me for suspecting the relationship between you two.”

Hearing that, Frieda had no choice but to sit back down. “Nonetheless, I’m more than willing to be used by a pretty woman.” Shawn had a pair of bright eyes that crinkled when he smiled.

He had used that same trick on many women. Even Frieda was slightly mesmerized by him when she sat down.

“I don’t understand why a sensible woman like you would end up being friends with a person like Aubree,” he commented.

Frieda lowered her guard and mumbled, “I didn’t know she was that kind of person, either. It was too late by the time I found out.”

Shawn caught the keyword in her words. “What’s too late?” Snapping out of it, Frieda forced herself to stay calm and said, “I was already her close friend when I found out about it, so I can’t just abandon her.”

Shawn nodded thoughtfully and did not pursue it any further. The two continued making small talk, but it was mostly Shawn who came up with topics for the conversation. He stopped bringing up Aubree’s name, which helped Frieda relax more.

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