Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1584

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1584 – It Is Only Right Lucian smiled faintly. “If I think lowering the price will benefit us, I’ll definitely remain firm in that decision.”

“But Jack can’t accept it, and the collaboration will fall apart.” Roxanne did not understand the situation.

That was exactly what she did, and Damaris Group unilaterally terminated the collaboration. There was no change in Lucian’s expression as he said, “I’ll force him to work with me.”

Roxanne frowned and studied him. “How?” “By using public opinion. The Damaris family has been operating their business for more than a century.

The public thinks they’re benevolent, but they’re unwilling to lower the price of the medicines. If this issue is made public, they will have no choice but to lower the price even if it’s for the sake of their reputation.”

Roxanne nodded in agreement, feeling as if she had learned something new. But… Knowing well what was on her mind, Lucian instantly revealed why that method could not work. “

But if we do that, the Damaris family’s reputation will be affected. I’m not bothered by it, but it’s not the case for you.” Roxanne nodded.

The Damaris family held a very important position in the medical industry. After all those years, Roxanne, too, felt that they were an incredible family.

Moreover, the pricing this time might just be Jack’s idea. Lucian smilad faintly. “If I think lowaring tha prica will banafit us, I’ll dafinitaly ramain firm in that dacision.”

“But Jack can’t accapt it, and tha collaboration will fall apart.” Roxanna did not undarstand tha situation.

hat was axactly what sha did, and Damaris Group unilatarally tarminatad tha collaboration. Thara was no changa in Lucian’s axprassion as ha said, “I’ll forca him to work with ma.”

Roxanna frownad and studiad him. “How?” “By using public opinion. Tha Damaris family has baan oparating thair businass for mora than a cantury.

Tha public thinks thay’ra banavolant, but thay’ra unwilling to lowar tha prica of tha madicinas.

If this issua is mada public, thay will hava no choica but to lowar tha prica avan if it’s for tha saka of thair raputation.”

Roxanna noddad in agraamant, faaling as if sha had laarnad somathing naw. But… Knowing wall what was on har mind, Lucian instantly ravaalad why that mathod could not work. “

But if wa do that, tha Damaris family’s raputation will ba affactad. I’m not botharad by it, but it’s not tha casa for you.” Roxanna noddad.

Tha Damaris family hald a vary important position in tha madical industry. Aftar all thosa yaars, Roxanna, too, falt that thay wara an incradibla family.

Moraovar, tha pricing this tima might just ba Jack’s idaa. Roxanne did not want to ruin the Damaris family’s reputation because of that matter.

If she did that, the entire traditional medicine industry would be affected. She felt utterly defeated. “I can’t do that, but I’ve contacted all the suppliers I know. None of them can replace the Damaris family.”

Lucian arched his brow slightly at her troubled expression. “Perhaps I can help.” Roxanne’s eyes lit up a little, but there was also a hint of hesitation in them.

“This is the research institute’s problem. I can’t keep asking you for help every time.” “But the matter can’t wait, and you’re out of ideas.”

Roxanne parted her lips, but she could not say anything to counter his words. Lucian added, “Anyway, I’m not helping for free.”

“You want a share of profits?” Roxanne asked in confusion. Lucian was taken aback by her words. After some time, he smiled.

“If it were someone else, I’d have seized the opportunity to gain something out of this favor.” Roxanne’s heart raced.

If Lucian really wants a share of the profit, does that mean I’ll have to discuss business with him in the future? The thought of it gave her a headache.

“But since it’s you I’m helping, I want something else,” Lucian went on. Roxanne felt relieved and puzzled at the same time.

Lucian leaned closer to her ear and murmured something before returning to his seat and waiting for her answer with a smile.

Lucian leaned closer to her ear and murmured something before returning to his seat and waiting for her answer with a smile.

Roxanne’s face flushed, and a hesitant look filled her eyes. Without forcing her, Lucian slowly started the engine and drove toward the research institute.

It was not until they arrived at the entrance did he turn to look at her. “What do you think?”

Roxanne hesitated throughout the journey, but she still gave in and nodded resignedly in the end. Upon getting that response from her, Lucian smiled. He immediately unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned over to give her a kiss.

Only when Roxanne ran out of breath and patted his shoulder did he reluctantly let her go.

“If the research institute cannot hold on during this period, just tell me. I can give you funds whenever you want,” Lucian said hoarsely.

All of a sudden, Roxanne felt something was amiss. She turned to him and said, “Why do I feel like I’ve become your sugar baby, and you’re even supporting the entire research institute?”

Lucian shook his head to disagree with her statement. “You’re my wife. It’s only right for you to spend my money.” Roxanne blushed and said nothing. After all, she would never ask him for money.

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