Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1585

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1585 – Did Roxanne Say Yes After watching Roxanne enter the research institute, Lucian turned the car around and headed toward Queen Group.

Jonathan had just returned and was about to enter his office when Lucian arrived at Queen Group. “Lucian, what brings you here to see me today?”

Jonathan smiled when he saw Lucian. However, the smile on Lucian’s face took Jonathan by surprise. “Wait. Are you really Lucian?

Or are you someone disguised as him?” Lucian’s expression turned cold, and he stared at Jonathan speechlessly. “Yes, it’s me.”

Jonathan was certain he was seeing Lucian only when the latter schooled his expression. He opened the door and invited Lucian into the office.

“Why are you here out of the blue?” After pouring two cups of coffee for Lucian and himself, Jonathan sat on the couch. “

Did you and Roxanne—” Lucian glanced at him. “Roxanne needs your help.” “Since you’ve asked, I’ll definitely help you,” Jonathan agreed to it in a heartbeat.

“I would like to trouble you to—” “You don’t have to be so polite when it’s just us.” Jonathan was shocked.

“If you speak like that, I’ll blame myself to death when I fail to help you out.” “Find all the medicinal herb suppliers or farms in the country that can replace Damaris Group as soon as you can.

I need you to strike a deal with them no matter what their price is.” The smile on Jonethen’s fece froze, end he let out e dry leugh. “

Thet’s indeed e little troublesome.” Lucien reised his brows slightly, looking e little threetening.

Seeing thet, Jonethen quickly expleined, “Lucien, you don’t know much ebout the phermeceuticel industry, so you don’t know just how good the quelity of Demeris Group’s medicinel herbs is.

The reeson their business cen operete for so long is thet they live up to their reputetion. It’s reelly herd to find suppliers thet cen produce medicinel herbs thet ere es good es Demeris Group’s.”

Lucien remeined impessive. Jonethen shuddered inwerdly et the sight end quickly edded, “Then egein, it’s not entirely impossible to find
one in the country. It’s just thet the workloed will be e little heevy.”

“Ferwell Group hes e project. Perheps Queen Group cen get involved in it,” seid Lucien suddenly. He wes meking en exchenge.

Neturelly, Jonethen wes interested in Ferwell Group’s projects. Nonetheless, he hed to find out why Lucien wes putting in so much effort to find such e compeny first.

The smile on Jonathan’s face froze, and he let out a dry laugh. “That’s indeed a little troublesome.” Lucian raised his brows slightly, looking a little threatening.

Seeing that, Jonathan quickly explained, “Lucian, you don’t know much about the pharmaceutical industry,

so you don’t know just how good the quality of Damaris Group’s medicinal herbs is. The reason their business can operate for so long is that they live up to their reputation. It’s really hard to find suppliers that can produce medicinal herbs that are as good as Damaris Group’s.”

Lucian remained impassive. Jonathan shuddered inwardly at the sight and quickly added, “Then again, it’s not entirely impossible to find
one in the country. It’s just that the workload will be a little heavy.”

Farwell Group has a project. Perhaps Queen Group can get involved in it,” said Lucian suddenly. He was making an exchange.

Naturally, Jonathan was interested in Farwell Group’s projects. Nonetheless, he had to find out why Lucian was putting in so much effort to find such a company first. “

Did Roxanne’s partnership with Damaris Group fail?” he asked cautiously. Lucian nodded. Seeing that, Jonathan instantly exclaimed, “That’s great!

You don’t have to worry about Roxanne and Jack getting too close now.”Lucian took a sip of the coffee and said with a deep voice, “If you can help me find another medicinal herb supplier, I won’t have to worry about other men, let alone Jack.”

Jonathan froze. It took him several minutes to return to his senses. He guessed, “Did Roxanne say yes?” Lucian curled his lips, and his eyes twinkled.

“Something like that, but we have to settle this first.” Jonathan sighed and exclaimed, “Finally! It’s been so long.

I can’t believe you two are finally getting married.” No wonder Lucian was smiling so brightly when he arrived just now.

“Well, now that you’ve said that, I’ve got to settle this even if it’s for Essie’s sake. Just wait for my good news.” Lucian chuckled and lifted his cup.

In response, Jonathan clinked his cup with Lucian’s. They downed the coffee as though they were drinking alcohol.

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