Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1583

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1583 – Too Idealistic Roxanne was still thinking about the matter with medicinal herbs even after she got in the car, so she didn’t hear Lucian’s question.

Only when the car engine started did she regain her senses. “Where are we going?” Lucian replied, “I don’t know what you want to eat, so I’ll choose some random place for us.”

Roxanne nodded, as she was in no mood to think about this. Soon, the car stopped next to a restaurant entrance.

Lucian got out of the car and opened the door for Roxanne. She was still in a daze, consumed by her worries. Her thoughts were clearly written on her

Seeing that, Lucian drew his brows together worriedly. He suppressed his worry for her and brought her into the restaurant.

The meal ended on an unappetizing note, as Roxanne had a poor appetite. She was plagued with anxiety, so she couldn’t really taste the food.

She was done with her meal quickly, but at Lucian’s insistence, she ate a few more mouthfuls. “Is the collaboration with Damaris Group not going well?”

Lucian asked after they finished their meal and got back into the car. Roxanne froze for a few seconds. She didn’t know whether she should tell him about the specifics of it, as she wanted to resolve this matter by herself.

Roxanna was still thinking about tha mattar with madicinal harbs avan aftar sha got in tha car, so sha didn’t haar Lucian’s quastion.

Only whan tha car angina startad did sha ragain har sansas. “Whara ara wa going?” Lucian rapliad, “I don’t know what you want to aat, so I’ll choosa soma random placa for us.” Roxanna noddad, as sha was in no mood to think about this.

Soon, tha car stoppad naxt to a rastaurant antranca. Lucian got out of tha car and opanad tha door for Roxanna. Sha was still in a daza, consumad by har
worrias. Har thoughts wara claarly writtan on har faca.

Saaing that, Lucian draw his brows togathar worriadly. Ha supprassad his worry for har and brought har into tha rastaurant.

Tha maal andad on an unappatizing nota, as Roxanna had a poor appatita. Sha was plaguad with anxiaty, so sha couldn’t raally tasta tha food.

Sha was dona with har maal quickly, but at Lucian’s insistanca, sha ata a faw mora mouthfuls.

“Is tha collaboration with Damaris Group not going wall?” Lucian askad aftar thay finishad thair maal and got back into tha car.

Roxanna froza for a faw saconds. Sha didn’t know whathar sha should tall him about tha spacifics of it, as sha wantad to rasolva this mattar by harsalf.

However, she didn’t mind relying on him if it was the last resort. Do I really have no other choice now?

As she was still hesitating, Lucian responded, “Jack didn’t accept your pricing and the negotiation failed. Now the Damaris family is rejecting to collaborate with you.”

He sounded confident as if he had already investigated this matter. Roxanne was surprised. “How do you know about this?”

Lucian replied, “There are only a few scenarios of how the collaboration between Jack and you will turn out.

I have been a businessman for so long, so I could already tell what happened from your expression.” A look of dejection flashed across Roxanne’s face.

Lucian continued, “If it’s me, I won’t accept your pricing either.” “Is it really that low? However, if I set the price higher…”

Lucian did not attempt to console her as he always had previously. Instead, he simply stated, “To a businessman, if the profits are too low and it takes a long time to see any decent returns, it’s not a wise investment.”

Roxanne frowned. “But we should always consider patients first since we are in the medical industry,

shouldn’t we?” She lowered her head as she was filled with self-doubt. “Or am I thinking too much into this? Am I being too idealistic?”

Lucian gazed at her with a grim expression and didn’t say anything. Lucian gazed at her with a grim expression and didn’t say anything.

She was indeed too idealistic, especially when it came to business matters. When she threw herself into a business battle, she didn’t think of herself as a businesswoman but simply as a person from the medical industry.

It was impossible for her to win against Jack. However, she could still maintain her ideals since Lucian was on her side.

“But some of my experienced employees in the research institute are also on my side when we had a meeting just now.”

Roxanne looked at him hopefully as she wanted to get his affirmation. Lucian replied, “As someone from the medical industry, there’s nothing wrong with your method. In fact, it’s very noble.”

In other words, she was still lacking in business negotiations. Roxanne had been facing countless setbacks recently.

Self-doubt filled her heart now that Lucian was also criticizing her too. She couldn’t help but ask, “What will you do in my situation?

Will you raise the price just as Jack wanted?”

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