Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1579

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1579 – Breakfast The couple spent a romantic, intimate night together.

Roxanne woke up the next day with her body aching. I wonder if I should sleep in the guest room from now on…

Lucian entered the room right then and looked at her with concern. “Feeling horrible?” Roxanne bit her lip in embarrassment. “All thanks to you.”

Lucian sat beside her with a smile and massaged her waist. He didn’t plan to apologize for his actions.

“You should rest for a little longer before leaving the bed. Essie woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for you.

She should be here soon to call you.” Roxanne’s expression froze. Afraid her child would see her in that state, she endured the pain and tried to
leave the bed.

“Mommy!” Estella’s voice rang out outside of the room. Roxanne paused and twisted her back by accident, causing her face to contort in pain.

“What’s wrong, Mommy?” When the girl saw her mother’s expression, she dashed into the room and attempted to hug her mother’s waist.

However, she was stopped by her father. “Mommy accidentally sprained her waist, so don’t touch her. Are you here to invite Mommy to breakfast?”

Estella nodded. Fearing that Lucian would say something he shouldn’t to the girl if he kept going, Roxanne quickly said, “I’ll head downstairs soon.

Wait for me in the dining room, all right?” Estella was still visibly worried about her mother’s waist.

Roxanne shot a glare at Lucian and patted the girl’s head. “I’m fine. It was just an accident. It’s all right now.”

Then she stood up and took two steps away from the bed, which eased the girl’s worry. The moment Estella left the room, Roxanne dropped her act.

I already didn’t have much rest. This man has no self-control… Lucian brought Roxanne to the bathroom apologetically to clean up.

When he tried to do inappropriate stuff again, she kicked him out. They dawdled for a while before heading downstairs.

Just as Roxanne arrived in the dining room, she saw a glass of milk and a sandwich on the table.

It was a simple sandwich, but it was pretty tricky for a five-year-old to pull off. “Ms. Estella has been learning and practicing making breakfast for the past few days, Mrs. Farwell.

It’s only until today that she’s willing to present her handiwork to you because she’s satisfied with it,” said Catalina to the family.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne turned to Estella. The girl looked at her with anticipation and sparkling eyes.

Roxanne felt touched and took a bite of the sandwich before beaming at Estella. “It’s delicious! Good job, Essie!”

“You’re better at making delicious food, Mommy!” said Estella when she heard her mother’s compliments. The girl’s reaction made Roxanne laugh. “

Why did you decide to make breakfast for me?” Glancing at her brothers, Estella said, “I’ve been wanting to do it, but we made you angry again yesterday, so…”

The boys chimed in, “We know what we did wrong, Mommy! We promise we won’t pull pranks anymore and will continue to learn from Daddy!”

Roxanne nodded gladly. “I’m glad you all do! I believe one day you’ll all improve so much that you’ll become the world’s greatest hackers!”

At the side, Lucian concurred, “They do have the talent.”

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