Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1578

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1578 – Reward Lucian wrapped his arms around her even more tightly. “Nothing.

The view just reminded me that you still haven’t agreed to my marriage proposal.” If Roxanne refuses to accept my proposal, I don’t think it’s a bad
idea if we just die here together right now.

When he brought up that topic, Roxanne couldn’t help but recall that the ring was still in her possession. He said I should wear the ring if I agree, but…

Embarrassed, she turned away, looked at the rolling waves beneath her, and argued, “Is that ceremony that important?

If you’re taking it that seriously, we should be sleeping in separate rooms right now.” Her words stumped him, spurring him to reflect on his behavior.

However, after contemplating it for a long while, he didn’t think he did anything wrong. Instead, his thoughts aroused him.

Unable to hold himself back anymore, he kissed her neck and started touching her inappropriately. “Those are two different things.

Only we know how we’re sleeping behind closed doors. I want everyone to know that you’re mine.”

Upon detecting the change in his demeanor, Roxanne blushed. “You should go back to the cockpit lest something really happens!”

Lucian refused to give up that easily. “Look at how beautiful the scenery is…” Swiftly, Roxanne grabbed his hands and asked, “Didn’t you say you took me out on this trip for me to relax?”

Lucian let out a sigh and got rid of the indecent idea in his mind. He merely gazed at the sea while hugging her. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

After calming herself down, Roxanne lowered her eyes and replied, “I already did. It’s just that only the two of us know.”

That answer brought a satisfied smile to Lucian’s face. Roxanne could still feel his rock-hard member pressing against her back.

She was so nervous that she didn’t dare to move. It wasn’t until he returned to the cockpit and flew the helicopter back that she sighed in relief.

However, she started worrying about her waist. I don’t think I can avoid it tonight. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have left with him.

Also, is it just me, or is he flying this thing really fast now? After landing the aircraft on the helipad, he went over to her and asked, “Are you feeling
better?” Feeling touched, Roxanne smiled with glinting eyes. “

Much better. Thank you.” She didn’t expect Lucian to care so much about her bad mood that he would deliberately bring her out on a helicopter ride at night.

“That’s all you have to say?” Lucian frowned. Roxanne was confused. She was about to alight from the helicopter when she saw the hatch door had
opened when Lucian grabbed her wrist and embraced her from behind. “

I don’t get a reward?” Thinking that he had calmed down, Roxanne planted a kiss on the edge of his lips.

Just as she was going to leave, Lucian wrapped his arm around her waist and deepened the kiss.

As Roxanne struggled to breathe, thanks to his overbearing kiss, she detected movements at his crotch. Lucian’s hoarse voice traveled into her ear.

“I don’t want to wait anymore. How about we give it a try in the helicopter? No one will see us.” Pushing his chest away, she rejected, “No!

Let’s hurry back home!” Instead of forcing her, he took her back to the car and drove her home.

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