Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1580

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1580 – Do Not Contact Me After breakfast, Lucian sent the three children to kindergarten while Roxanne went to the research institute.

“Dr. Jarvis, any news from Damaris Group?” Linda had been waiting for her in front of her office early in the morning.

Roxanne halted in his tracks when she heard the name Damaris Group. She recollected herself and replied, “We still need more time.

What’s wrong? Is there any problem with the factory?” Linda looked helpless. “We used up the last batch of medicinal herbs yesterday afternoon, so now the factory is at a standstill.

he person in charge contacted me last night, and we talked all night about the issue of stoppage pay for the workers.”

As a result of that, Linda did not sleep well all night. Roxanne knitted her brows. She knew she had to tackle the problem, as it had worsened.

“All right. How much do they want? Proceed with the payment first. I’ll solve this problem as soon as possible.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she picked up her pace and entered the office. She glanced at the call log on her phone and noticed Jack’s number was second on the list.

She gritted her teeth, mustered her courage, and called him back. However, he hung up directly. A few moments later, Roxanne received a text message:

Ms. Jarvis, don’t contact me if you haven’t figured out the pricing issue. Call me only when you’ve figured it out.

Upon reading the message, Roxanne felt a wave of disappointment wash over her. She put her phone down and picked up a directory, searching for medicinal herb suppliers she had not contacted before.

As she flipped through the pages, she was overwhelmed with emotions. Never in a million years did she expect Jack, who was once an elegant and refined young gentleman, to be a profit-driven businessman.

ow that their motive for this medicine was completely at odds with each other, they would most likely not cooperate again.

Realization hit Roxanne like a ton of bricks, and she immediately grabbed the phone to call the suppliers she missed yesterday.

However, she failed to find a supplier she was satisfied with. Just then, she heard Linda’s voice from outside the door.

“Dr. Jarvis, the factory is requesting an additional one million for the stoppage fee…” Despite the painful sting in her heart, Roxanne had to accept it for the moment.

She hung up the phone, strode out of the office, and said to Linda, “Gather all the research team leaders in the conference room.”

Linda nodded and called the team leaders over. Ten minutes later, all the leaders appeared in the conference room.

“As you all know, our research institute is in a difficult situation,” Roxanne began in a friendly yet authoritative tone.

“Do any of you have any suggestions on finding a new medicinal herb supplier?” The leaders exchanged glances before one of them spoke up.

“Dr. Jarvis, I’m confused. We have a good relationship with Damaris Group, so why did they stop supplying us with medicinal herbs?”

Another leader chimed in, “We know Damaris Group has the best medicinal herbs. Is there really no way to persuade them to continue supplying us?”

Faced with the employees’ skeptical looks, Roxanne felt uncomfortable but ultimately decided to come clean. “

Our original plan with Damaris Group didn’t pan out, and we’re now in need of a new supplier for medicinal herbs.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, silence fell over the room as everyone exchanged uncertain glances.

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